Are you looking at an old car in your driveway that needs too much work for you to want to put into it to make it run? Do you have a vehicle that you want to donate to a program that can appreciate it? Are you looking for a tax credit at the end of the year that could make a difference in your total tax liability when you file? The Kars4Kids and the Newgate School can help you, no matter the situation that your car is in and the type of donation you want to make.

What is Kars4Kids?

The Kars4Kids program is a tax-deductible program in which you donate your car, working or not, and they pick it up and take it where it needs to go. When you donate to the Newgate School your car helps their students learn about automotive maintenance and repair. Your donated car can be picked up by the Kars4Kids program and they will send you a certificate of value to add to your tax filing for the year so that you can enjoy the benefits of the deduction you want to enjoy when you donate your car to this program.


What is Newgate School?

The Newgate school is a nonprofit organization that helps many in the Twin-city area. They work with unemployed or underemployed adults to teach them the auto mechanics trade. The cars you donate serves not only as a classroom for learning the in’s and outs of vehicle repair, but they are also given to single moms when fixed. It’s a two for one Karma boost!


Where do the Cars Go?

Many of the donated cars that are part of the Kars4Kids program are sold as-is and the profits go to help support underprivileged children. When you donate your vehicle to Newgate the car is given a second chance at life to help single moms and their kids. The tuition is completely free and has a significant impact on many people and changes their lives while giving you the tax write off that you want to enjoy. They even repair cars for Single mothers who need a bit of help.

Donate a Car in Any Condition

Because the vehicle that you’re to donating is for families in need. This program is going to be used at the Newgate School to train future technicians and be the transportation for a deserving family. You can donate a car in any condition at all. Whether the vehicle has been in a wreck and needs a lot of repairs or it simply won’t run because you don’t want to put more money into it. There is a team of people who are ready to fix it up and make your car whole again.

Donate a Car and Make a Difference

Look at your old car. It’s sitting there in your driveway looking sad and listless. You don’t drive it, it’s not being used for anything. Its simply taking up space. Make a tax-deductible donation to Kars4Kids or Newgate School today and let them find a way to turn this old and sad car into a gift for those who need it. The students at the Newgate School will be pleased to work on your old car and make it whole again. So that a deserving family can enjoy driving this car around as the transportation they need. Your donation will make a huge difference to many people.

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