Dodge has been a trusted brand in the automotive market for a long time. Even though this brand has been reduced to only a few models, you’ll find the right way to drive when you visit your local Dodge dealer today. There are five different models offered that can make it easy for you to have the drive you want when you get in and take a ride. Whether you’re looking for a muscle car, a sporty sedan, the minivan that’s been trusted for a long time, or one of the two SUVs offered, you’ll be able to have the drive you desire.

Dodge Challenger

Starting with the muscle car that has been admired since it came back to the market, the Dodge Challenger will give you a dynamic drive and the power you’re looking for. Ask your nearby Dodge dealer about the different models and the Widebody features that can be part of what you enjoy in the Challenger. The Hellcat Redeye model will give you 797 horsepower for some fun on the track while the base SXT model can be had with AWD to give you the added traction you’re looking for.

Dodge Charger

If you want to enjoy a sedan that can fit your family and give you the power you need when you head out on the road, the Dodge Charger can be the perfect choice for you. Let the team at your nearby Dodge dealer help you see how the Charger can be a sporty sedan that makes driving great for you. This is the car you want when you don’t want to give up the fun and active driving of a car that has plenty of power but you need a sedan to fit your growing family.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Since the beginning of the minivan class, the Dodge Grand Caravan has been the right model for your family to enjoy. This minivan has the features you want and is an easy choice when you’re looking for the van that more families have turned to over the years. Let the folks at your Dodge dealer help you see what the Grand Caravan offers including the Stow ‘n Go seating that folds into the floor to give you an easy way to have the versatility you need in the cabin. It’s time to drive right with your family and this van can be the right choice for you.

Dodge Journey

When you’re looking for an SUV to take your family on the road, but you don’t want a full-size model, the Dodge Journey can be the SUV that’s right for you. This vehicle has the room you need and seating for up to seven people when you get out on the road. You’ll find an extremely affordable price when you choose the Journey at your nearby Dodge dealer today. Take a look at the qualities offered for this SUV that will make driving great for you every day.

Dodge Durango

If you want the SUV that can be packaged to take you out on the trails or be the most impressive unibody SUV that you’ll find on the market, the Dodge Durango can be the SUV that you love to drive. Ask your Dodge dealer to help you find the trim level and power package that you need when you want to enjoy the drive and know that you have the towing capability and qualities that will make the Durango the SUV that has room for all your friends that you want to take with you to the lake for the weekend.

The Right Brand

Do you want to drive a vehicle that has a build that’s strong and substantial? If so, you’ll want to see the team at your local Dodge dealer today. With five amazing models to choose from that all have a different application to the drive you’ll make on the roads, this is the brand that can give you exactly what you want. Visit your nearby Dodge location and let them show you the financing options and discounts that can make driving a Dodge easier for you. You’ll love the vehicle you choose and know you have the features you want with this brand.

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