Honda is the brand you turn to when you want efficiency and low emissions from your vehicle.
This brand has the highest average fuel mileage across its lineup and the lowest emissions in the country, but there’s another way that Honda is contributing to saving the environment to make sure their effect on the world we live in is minimized. Honda is one brand that has been awarded the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star certification that makes it possible for the brand to be one of the most impressive that we see operating in the US.

Four Amazing Plants Earn the Award

Four of the plants that Honda operates in the US were able to earn the EPA Energy Star certification to show that these plants are operating in a clean and safe manner to have a positive impact on the environment rather than a negative one. These four plants are the Marysville, OH, East Liberty, OH, Greensburg, IN, and Anna, OH plants. The Anna plant is among the first engine plants in the US to be able to receive the Energy Star certification for being an environmentally-friendly plant that makes the engines that are used by Honda.

Its Becoming a Tradition at Honda

The four plants that received the EPA Energy Star certification didn’t do so by accident or for the first time, except for the Anna, OH plant. For Marysville and East Liberty, the Energy Star award has been donned on them for thirteen years while the Greensburg plant has been winning this award for the past seven years. This means that Honda has created a strong tradition of being a clean company and operating in such a way as to win the approval of the EPA, something this company can seriously be proud of.

What Does the Energy Star Rating Mean

If a production facility is awarded the Energy Star certification, it signifies that the facility is performing in the top 25 percent of similar facilities for energy efficiency. It also means the location meets strict energy efficiency performance levels that are set by the EPA. On average, those locations that are certified consume 35 percent less energy and contribute 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions to the environment than those plants that don’t receive this distinction. As you can see, this is a big deal for Honda and the tradition they proudly want to carry on.

Something to Think About When Buying a Honda

When you choose to buy a Honda vehicle, you can feel proud with the knowledge that this brand is one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe companies in the country. Visit your nearby Honda dealer and know that the plant where your vehicle was built and assembled was among one of the best in the country and received the Energy Star rating. In fact, the facility that the vehicle comes from likely has won this award for many years and will continue to do so.

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