Hyundai has been working on building up its new N sub-brand to bring us more exciting vehicles that are actually sportier. In some cases, brands will only offer cosmetic changes and tell you that you’ve got a sport model of the car, but Hyundai is looking to offer true performance features to make sure you can have the drive you want to enjoy. The new 2019 Hyundai Elantra GT N Line will be offered in Canada but hasn’t been given the green light for the US market yet. Hopefully, this car will be offered in the US soon.

Upgrades that make it Right

In order to make this new car one that will give you more performance and the qualities you’re looking for, we need to take a look at the upgrades. The Elantra GT N Line will offer you more robust engine and transmission mounts, a quicker steering rack, stiffer springs, retuned dampers, and larger front brakes. You’ll also see upgraded front and rear fascias, N Line side mirrors, N Line rear badging, and 18-inch N Line wheels. The cabin gives you more with a leather-wrapped N Line steering wheel, N Line sport seats, an N Line gearshift knob, a sport instrument cluster, and red stitching.

The Power for the Elantra GT N Line

Power for this impressive little car will come from the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that makes 201 horsepower and 195 lb.-ft. of torque to give you plenty of power for the drive. This engine is mated to a six-speed manual or a seven-speed DCT automatic transmission to give you the shifting you want and the dynamic power levels you’re looking for. This small and active car can be the sporty and fun model that you want to take for a drive and experience when it’s time to have a great ride.

Replacing the Sport

The new Hyundai Elantra GT N Line is a new model that will replace the GT Sport in the lineup in Canada and allow the N Line to be expanded in the North American market. The pricing for this model will be set below $22,000 when you look at the exchange rate for the base model while the Ultimate trim will be listed at a price that will only cost a couple thousand more when it’s offered in the market for Canadians to enjoy the drive.

Will the Elantra GT N Line Arrive in the US?

Right now, there’s no word to tell us that this car will make its way to the US at all. It seems that bringing this little hot hatch to our market would make perfect sense. We love to have sporty models and enjoy more power and performance in the cars we drive. This car will likely make its way south from Canada once it shows that it’s going to be a success in the north. This is a car that we certainly want to drive and enjoy on the road.

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