Autonomous Engineering Coming from Roush

Autonomous Engineering Coming from Roush

One of the most well-respected performance parts companies in the world is Roush Industries Inc. This company has been responsible for many of the tuned up and faster versions of the cars and trucks that we love to see and drive. Recently, the team at Roush was tapped to work on electric autonomous vehicles to offer a way to transform a variety of models that are already on the road into an electric vehicle that has the autonomous technology needed. This could be the next phase of what we need for the future of driving.

Engineering Moving Forward at Roush

The addition of a section of the Roush team to focus on the electric and autonomous technology for the future of driving makes perfect sense and added 150 jobs to the team. The Roush team can work to figure out what it would take to transform one of the gasoline models that we enjoy into an autonomous vehicle or into an electric model. Of course, this team can also focus on the areas between what we have now and fully electric autonomous vehicles with improved technology for the active safety features that we can benefit from on the road.

The Smart Move

Why does it make sense for Roush to develop and research these areas of the automotive market? With Roush working separately from the automakers, the can work to develop parts and programs that might be able to be applied across several brands in order to add more technology to cars that we currently drive. Additionally, Roush works separately from the automakers to create the right layout for a performance version of an electric and autonomous vehicle, which could become an extremely fun and active model for us to take out on the road for some fun.

Positioned Perfectly

The new facility for the development of the future technology for the automotive world is located in Troy, MI which is close to some of the customers that Roush has including General Motors and the U. S. Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center. Being located in this area allows Roush to have a much easier time working with the customers in the area and collaborating to make sure the products that come from the engineering will work and function in an expected manner. This new research center is the right place for Roush to create some of the future tech we need.

Additional Development at Roush

Not only will this new area of the Roush Industries Inc. teamwork to develop electric and autonomous technology for the automakers that are served, but they will also develop these program for their own name and future. Roush will be able to offer you more of the tech you want in your vehicles and add a few more items to the packages they offer when you turn to them for an upgraded vehicle that you want to drive. Look for Roush to have some interesting vehicles in the near future that have the tech we’ve been waiting for.

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