Chevrolet Silverado 6500HD

Massive Qualities of the Chevrolet Silverado HD

The tradition of renovating the heavy-duty truck continues for the Chevrolet Silverado HD pickup truck line, only one year after the new half-ton model arrives.
This means we’re going to have the new Silverado HD starting in 2020, but this new and impressive truck is ready to offer us some items that are a departure from what the half-ton model brings. We expect this truck to be bigger than the half-ton version but most of the time the larger version has brought the same style to the market to give us more of what we want when it’s time to drive and get things done.

A Big Face on the New Silverado HD

When you see the impressive build of the new Chevrolet Silverado HD you’re going to be amazed by the massive grill that’s on the front of the truck. The grill is big and brawny and it looks like it’s been hewn from a block of metal that’s bigger than most other truck in their entirety. The mirrors are massive and stick out like a pair of open cab doors. Of course, Chevrolet is so proud of this grill they stamped their name across the front of it in letters that are huge.

A Statement is Being Made

There’s no doubt that the new Chevrolet Silverado HD is making a huge statement. This big truck starts out massive up front and simply becomes humongous in other areas. Especially when you look at the gargantuan commercial trucks they produce. When you move toward the rear of the truck and look just aft of the cab, you’re going to see a step that’s been cut into the side by the bed. This is the new Sidestep that makes it easy to get into the bed and retrieve items that are near the front of the bed.

Powering this Big Brute

When you look under the hood for the power you want for the drive that you’re going to make, the Chevrolet Silverado HD will make it easy for you to have the incredible power you want. This truck has the choice of either a 6.0-liter V8 gasoline engine that makes 360 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque or a 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel V8 engine that gives you 445 horsepower and 910 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive. This heavy-duty pickup has the power you’re after and the ability to make work much easier for you.

Coming for 2020

The only downside to the new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD is the fact that you’re going to need to wait another year before this truck will be offered and ready for you to have the drive you’re looking for. You’ll have to wait a bit longer in order to find the right truck for the big jobs that you want to experience when it’s time to take a drive and get more work done. Get ready for the right truck to help you with your work and your recreational time when the impressive new Silverado HD arrives.

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