A name that you know and respect for outdoor power equipment that can help you get the job done of mowing your yard is Simplicity. The name says it all and when you choose the Simplicity Contender as the zero turn mower that’s going to help you get the job done. When you know you’re going to want to get the job done more easily than you’ve been able to in the past, the Simplicity team makes it simpler for you to get up on the mower and get to work.

Power and Girth in the Simplicity Contender

This mower can be had with a massive 25 horsepower engine that makes it easy for you to have all the power you’re looking for. You’ll be impressed with the toughness of the engine that comes from Briggs & Stratton and know that you have a mower that’s going to start up and get the work done whenever you’re ready to head out and complete the job of mowing your yard. This much horsepower is what you need to have the ability to hook up a 61-inch deck in order to let you have the complete package and get your yard mowed more easily.

Simplifying the Controls

The controls you need for this Simplicity mower are conveniently located at your fingertips. These controls include the key switch, choke, throttle, electric PTO switch, cup holder, and fuel gauge. In addition to all these controls that are in your hands or nearby, the ability to cut off the mower and adjust the height is at your feet. All you have to make use of us the foot pedal and you can move the pin to the desired height so that you can keep on mowing your yard.

What Makes this Simplicity Easier for You

The Simplicity Contender mower is offered with the zero turning radius you need to be able to maneuver in tight spots and mow the large and open lawn that you have. You’ll always have a lawn you can be proud of when you trust this mower to help you get the job done. Make turns using the twin steering levers that allow you to have the precision you’re looking for and complete the job faster than you would if you had to use a typical riding mower or tractor to mow your yard.

Toughness You can Trust

The Simplicity Contender not only makes the mowing of your yard easier, it’s also built to be one of the toughest mowers you’re going to find on the market. The rugged build of the engine makes it easy to know that you’re always going to have a mower that starts right away. Toss in the fact that this mower has a heavy-duty deck and you’ve got what you’re looking for. If the Simplicity Contender is the right mower for you, make your way to Jeff Schmitt Lawn and Motorsports and start mowing your yard the right way.


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