Will December Sales Continue

Will December Sales Continue?

Last month there were several models that made their way to the top of the sale list and the automakers of these vehicles are certainly hopeful these sales numbers will be able to continue into the new calendar year. The question for many of these vehicles is whether or not those sales were simple the result of people buying new cars as gifts for the holiday season or if there is a true upward trend for some of these models. Let’s take a look at these top selling models and think about whether or not the upward trend will continue.
Ford Explorer – This large SUV is one that found its way to the top ten with 28,566 in total sales for December which was an increase in sales of 30.7 percent compared to the previous year. This SUV is one that offers a more aggressive look than it has in the past and brings the efficiency desired to be an SUV we can continue to admire and enjoy on the road.

Honda Civic – There’s no surprise with this model as it has been one of the best-selling compact cars on the market for several years. For December, we saw 31,406 models of the Honda Civic sold, which was nearly the same as the previous year. When we’re looking for efficient compact models to drive, this is one that we think of and choose for our drive.

Toyota RAV4 – One of the most popular compact SUVs on the market has been the RAV4 and this SUV was chosen 32,542 times last month. This may have put it in the eighth place on the list but it was a decline in sales compared to the year before. This is an SUV that you know can give you what you’re looking for when you head out on the road for an excellent drive.

Chevrolet Equinox – As this SUV enters a new generation and a brand new model year, we see that it has become a serious sales contender in the market. The sales for the Equinox were up 20.6 percent for the month of December compared to the year before to bring the total to 32,784 for the month. This smaller and more active build for the SUV has attracted the masses.

Honda CR-V – This SUV is roomy, versatile, and capable for the drive. It has become one of the most impressive choices we can make in the market and has experienced incredible sales during its time on the market. Last month, 36,983 models of this SUV were sold which put many more on the roads as this SUV continues to show impressive strength in the market.

Nissan Rogue – This is the top selling vehicle from Nissan as a brand and 40,172 versions of this SUV were sold last month. As a vehicle that offers the small size we want and the seating that’s comfortable, it’s easy to see what the Rogue has been as popular as it’s been over the years. This is a vehicle that shows up and shows off when it gets on the road.

Toyota Camry – A new version of the Camry landed on the market this year to kick off the 2018 model year. This car has been redesigned and has shown incredible growth compared to the previous December. The sales for this sedan came in and 43,331 models that were sold for the month and put some of the best looking Camry models every built on the roads we drive.

Ram 1500-3500 – For those that need to get work done, the Ram pickup trucks made their way to the third spot on the list. The sales of these trucks showed up as the model we wanted last month 44,907 times to be the trucks that are being put to work around the country. Whether it’s to pull a load or carry the gear, these trucks were an excellent choice last month.

Chevrolet Silverado – With the previous model discussed, this pickup truck isn’t one that’s a surprise for the drive we need to make with the big, bold, and impressive models for the drive. This truck made its way off the lot 67,676 times to show an increase in sales of nearly 25 percent compared to the sales from the previous December.

Ford F-Series – The best-selling truck in the history of the automotive market is also the one that led the overall sales in the market for last month. This truck is the one that was chosen 89,385 times to be one of the most impressive vehicles to leave dealerships to be put to work around the country.

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