When you think of the word assurance you think of a guarantee, a convenience, and the ability to feel comfortable and confident in the experience. There seems to be a growing frustration with the shopping experience for new vehicles around the country and Hyundai is ready to put a stop to this problem. Their new Shopper Assurance program will begin in the early part of 2018 to allow the brand to offer a much better experience when buying a new car with four elements that are meant to address the concerns and issues previously reported by customers.

Transparent Pricing with Shopper Assurance

There are many times when you see a price online for a specific vehicle that’s different when you visit the dealership, and most of the time that difference would cost you more. Hyundai will change this by offering the same pricing online that you’ll find when you see the dealer to make it easier for you to know what you’re going to pay and eliminate the need to negotiate price and have a frustrating experience when you make your way to your local Hyundai location to pick out the Elantra sedan or Santa Fe SUV model you want to drive.

Flexible Test Drive

It can be time consuming and feel trapping to head to the dealership to test drive a vehicle and only have a few minutes of time with the vehicle and the salesperson. With the new Hyundai Drive platform you can schedule a test drive with the Hyundai dealer through their website, by phone, or by using a custom app and have the test drive take place at your home, your office, or any other location you choose. This will make the test drive more comfortable and easier for you when you’re ready to take a look at a new Hyundai vehicle.

Streamlined Purchase

Wouldn’t it be great if the experience you have at the dealership was simply a time of verifications and signatures that would have you in and out of the dealership quickly? With this new program, that’s the way it will be when you see a dealer for your new Hyundai Sonata model. You can have all the paperwork done online ahead of time and even have the value of your trade in and payments calculated so that you will have a quick and easy turn around when you get to the dealership and purchase your new Hyundai.

Three-Day Money Back Guarantee

Doesn’t it seem odd that the largest consumer item you purchase has no return policy? That’s been the case with automobiles for many years, but Hyundai offers you a three-day money back period to get all of your money back after the car has been inspected. As long as you have driven less than 300 miles during those three days you’re going to be able to change your mind and decide you want to have another vehicle to drive, even if you choose to drive something from a different automaker.


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