There are a variety of markets around the world that tell you things will make their way back to the front of what we want and be popular again. The clothes you wore as a teenager in the 1970s and 1980s are coming back to be popular once again as are some of the vehicles that were driven at that time. Most of the SUVs we see on the market have gone from being boxy in shape to stylish and curved and now some of them are returning to the boxy build that offers more of what we need.While not every single vehicle offered on the market will change from the rounded and angular crossover shape that we enjoy today, the use of a boxy shape offers more interior space and qualities to ensure you can have the enjoyment of finding what you want for the drive. The newest model that has been shown off by Toyota has already begun to influence others and bring back the boxy shape we enjoyed in the past when we wanted a great SUV to drive wherever we needed to go. The new FT-AC Concept vehicle that made its way to the 2017 New York Auto Show is square, boxy, and offers a ton of ground clearance.

The RAV4 is Influenced

The 2019 version of the Toyota RAV4 has been testing in the Southern California area and will bring a more rugged appearance to the market to give us more of what we want in an SUV that can be fun to drive on the roads and out on the trails we find and enjoy. While we don’t expect to see the RAV4 offered with the fender flares from the FT-AC Concept, this long-time performer is one that will certainly bring a look that’s square in shape to give us a more spacious cabin area.This new boxy shape for the RAV4 isn’t the biggest change this SUV will experience. This new model of the SUV we’ve loved for several years will ride on the new Toyota New Global Architecture that is being used in the Prius, Camry, and Toyota C-HR which means we could see a hybrid version of the RAV4 offered to give us a model that makes use of the Atkinson-cycle engine under the hood. This could mean we will have more fuel efficiency in this model than what we’ve had in the past.We’ll get to know much more about what the next version of the Toyota RAV4 will bring us for the drive. There will be a ton of details that are offered when this SUV arrived and makes its debut before the end of the year, but as you can tell from the models that have been testing around California, the new Toyota RAV4 will be one that gives us the boxy shape and style that was part of the market for a long time and has been left behind, only to come back once again.

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