Take a tour down the Hot Wheels aisle of your local toy store and you see creations that will blow your mind and make you wish they could be built and drive in full size. While some of the amazing creations you see in miniature scale simply wouldn’t work on a road or to be driven by a person, one car has been used and offered in different variations over the years to give us an exciting and fun way to race and reach the finish line before anyone else at the tracks we drive.
The new COPO Camaro is being shown off at the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas and this car is one that has everything you want for the drive. This version of the car will be packed to be right for a drag race and give you a signature look with the Hot Wheels appearance package and the Supercrush exterior color. This car is limited to only 69 versions that will be built, which means you have to put your name in the hat and hope it’s randomly pulled, much like playing the automotive lottery with what this car has to offer.

what is the 2018 Chevrolet COPO Camaro

This car is one that’s built to head out and be used for drag races. The starting point for this model uses a 302 racing engine that’s based on the LT1 found under the hood of the Camaro SS. This car has drag race components included with the displacement using a shorter-stroke crankshaft to allow for higher rpm.  A step up from the compact Chevrolet Cruze, this is a car that you’d want to line up against many others and take off for a drag race to blow the doors of most of the other stock cars that show up.
The 302 engine isn’t the only one offered for this limited run Camaro. You can have this car with a 427 7.0-liter engine or a supercharged 350 5.7-liter racing engine. These are two power machines that truly increase the power and performance you can enjoy at the track with the 350 being capable of turning in a time in the mid-eight second rang for a quarter-mile race. This run reaches extremely close to 160 mph for the drive to give you an exhilarating feeling as you scream across the finish line ahead of the other cars that came out to play.

Designed to Beat the Competition

The transmission used for all three engines offers is an SFI-approved ATI TH400 three-speed automatic that makes it easy for you to get to the top speed quickly. This car is designed to compete in the NHRA Stock Eliminator classes and wears racing chassis and suspension items that include a solid rear axle system instead of the normal independent axle of the Camaro. If you’re looking for a car that can offer the fun and the race you want to enjoy, this one will make it easier for you to have what you want and experience the excitement while wearing the Hot Wheels package you admire.

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