They say good things come in small packages. With a number of car companies answering the call requesting a smaller SUV than their smallest models, it’s not surprising that major automaker, Honda, has followed suit. Almost every vehicle manufacturer has begun production of the ultimate crossover, a smaller version of their small SUV, due to increasing customer demand. In a world where everything seems to be getting bigger, Honda has met these demands with the cute but spacious HR-V. Smaller and lower than their very popular Honda CR-V, the new HR-V sacrifices size without giving up much-needed cargo space.

Beginning in the 2015 model year, Honda released the HR-V, a streamlined but squattier version of the CR-V. Still roomy enough on the inside to fit everything in it that drivers consider necessary, but not big enough that driving seems cumbersome and parking is overwhelming. We’ve all seen the person driving the huge SUV that they have difficulty parking in a normal space when other cars are parking in the adjacent spots, but with the HR-V this won’t be an issue. It’s the ideal vehicle, one that drives and parks like a car, with the agility and traction of an SUV.

With curves for days, the newest Honda model is as cute as a button, without being diminutive or underwhelming. No matter how you’re viewing it; from the back, front, or sides; this vehicle is an attractive addition to the Honda lineup. The look of rounded edges while still maintaining a sporty look has become somewhat of a signature for Honda designs, and the HR-V falls well within that construction. Maintaining the integrity of the vehicle in terms of looks is also part of the Honda strategy, and even at the lowest trim level, they’ve managed to tackle this feat.

When we downsize to smaller things, typically the sacrifice is less room for what we need. The Honda HR-V has nearly 60 cubic feet of interior space, so don’t think you’ll need to leave anything at home. With what Honda is calling Utility Mode, the HR-V’s rear seats can be folded down, thus increasing the space available. Just because this is a smaller package doesn’t mean you have to turn down buying that cute sideboard at Ikea, simply fold the seats and voila! Realizing that a need exists for extra-large cargo, Honda features Long Mode to accommodate items up to 8 feet in length! Not only can the car fit items wide and long, now it is equipped to hold taller items too, with Tall Mode. With this feature, the base of the back seat folds up to provide accommodations for items up to four feet in height, so go ahead and buy that cute thrift store lamp.

In some trim levels, the EX and EX-L, any compatible smart phone allows drives more convenient access to your music with HondaLink. With an accompanying touch screen, Honda makes it possible to easily and safely get to your favorite tunes, your phone contacts, and even more. Bluetooth streaming is available with all trim levels on the HR-V, and each features speed sensitive volume control which can raise or lower the volume as you increase or decrease in speed. Featuring Honda’s classic fantastic audio system, auxiliary inputs, and one USB port in the LX model.

All of the classic comfort accouterments are available in the HR-V with heated leather seating available in the EX-L version. Two power outlets are available for the convenience of both driver and passenger, and to meet all your charging specifications. No more are the days where the kids in the back have to fight to charge their devices if yours is already plugged in. Also gone are the times of fiddling with the locks and windows in the dark, as each of these switches is lit up for maximum convenience. Your vehicle controls are all with ease of reach with steering wheel mounted controls.

Never one to skimp on safety features, the EX and EX-L Navi versions of the HR-V feature Honda Lane Watch, which brings up a camera view from a side view mirror mounted camera, thus avoiding blind spots. The aforementioned trim levels also feature push-button start and smart entry, increasing the level of safety and control without having to search for your keys in an empty parking. A standard backup camera adds to the long list of safety features in HR-V, allowing drivers to see what is behind their car at three different angles.

Honda loyalists are going to love this new model that not only answers the call but can make you forget about the others on the market. Despite what society says, bigger isn’t always better, so embrace the small movement by slipping into the HR-V. Honda is never a brand to disappoint, so give it a shot.



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