The months are ticking away and we’re approaching the summer months when more of us hit the road on vacation to see what this beautiful country has for us to enjoy. The folks at Toyota would love for you to drive in one of their vehicles or stop by a dealership for a new or used model, but even if you don’t drive one of their vehicles you can benefit from the fun games that can be played on the road. Keep your kids entertained with some of these fun games that you can play.

Bottle Treasure – Take a two-liter bottle and add rice or birdseeds to three-quarters of the bottle and then add a few small items such as paperclips, marbles, buttons, toy soldiers and other items to the bottle. Write down what you put in the bottle so that you know and then let your kids guess what’s in there and see how close they get to the items.

A Map Mission – Before you head out on the road make maps for your kids that they can mark up and show where you’ve visited on the road. You can pick up little items along the way they can attach to the map or simply write a small story about their favorite places that you’ve come to as you’ve headed out on the road.

Counting Cars – Pick a color or type of car to count and a number to reach and see who reaches the number first. You could have your kids figure out how Toyota Prius models they see may or just the number of Toyota brand vehicles until you reach a certain agreed upon number. This is a game that could entertain your kids for hours on the road.

License Lookout – Ask your kids to guess how many different license plates from different states you’ll see on the road before you head out and then keep a tally to see how close they come to this number. For older kids you can make a game of covering the capitals and what each state is known for so that you can have fun with this game.

Card Games – You can take some card games on the road and have the right way to enjoy the ride. Uno, Go, Fish and Solitaire make great games on the road while you’re waiting for your food at a restaurant or stopped overnight. You can also take a few board games that will be fun to play in the hotels along the road.

Media Savvy – Let your kids pick out a book and a movie they can enjoy along the way and make sure the batteries are charged in their devices so they can enjoy the fun on the road of their electronic devices. This will be one of the ways your kids will certainly enjoy the fun on the road while you head to the destination for the fun you want to enjoy.

What do You See? – Classic car games such as “I Spy” can be a lot of fun. You can use fixed objects up ahead or you can use things you see in a large number as you drive down the road. This is a lot of fun on the road and is one of the best ways for you to enjoy the ride and play a game that everyone knows how to play.

Rest Stop Athletics – Bring along some outdoor fun items such as Frisbees or footballs and be ready to play when you stop at the rest areas along your route. You’ll have a great time and see what kind of fun this can be. It’s also a great way to get some exercise and move around after sitting in the car for several hours.

Scavenger Hunt – Think about some of the items that will be seen along the way and write them down. Make copies for everyone and let everyone see how many of the items you write down along the way. Try and keep this game going throughout the trip and have a prize ready for the winner when you arrive back at home.

Alphabet Game – This is a great game to help make sure kids are aware of the signs out on the roads. Let them tell you the letters they see on the signs in order as you pass them. Only one letter per sign qualifies but see who can get to the end of the alphabet first with the signs they see along the way.

Have some rewards ready for the winners of each game; keep these games fun and have a wonderful and safe road trip to whatever your next destination happens to be.

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