While the world seems to be changing toward hybrid and electric cars and there are still many ways that trucks and large SUVs are the right vehicles for you to drive, especially when you have a lot of hauling and work to get done. With that in mind, there are some things you can do in order to make sure you can have the ride you want and the gas mileage you’ve been looking for out of that Ram 2500HD workhorse you need to get things done. Check out these tips and help give yourself better fuel mileage, even when you drive a vehicle that isn’t known for good gas mileage.

Check Your Tires – This is one of the most ignored parts of your vehicle but it can have the biggest impact upon your driving and the fuel costs you have. Check your tires and make sure you have them properly inflated for your vehicle. Properly inflated tires will last longer and they will give you the correct friction with the road to have the ride quality and fuel mileage you want.

Remove Extra Gear – Do you have items in the back of your car that you don’t need? If so, get it out of the vehicle and put it away at home. Make sure you only carry what you need in your car. This is one reason why loading your vehicle down for longer trips will cost you more in fuel costs than at any other time, but for your daily driving, empty the junk out of the trunk.

Don’t Overfill the Tank – Your vehicle is equipped with an emissions canister that is designed to prevent fuel vapors from leaking into the atmosphere. When you top off your tank with the little bit of fuel that you think makes a difference you’re actually putting fuel into this emissions canister and can damage your vehicle and the atmosphere at the same time.

Avoid Air Conditioning – If you do a lot of city driving you don’t want to drive with the A/C on because this will cause your engine to work harder and increase the strain on the electrical system of your vehicle. When you head out on the highway the A/C is a great idea, but around town, try not to use the air conditioning system and you’ll have better fuel mileage.

Maintain the Radiator – Check the radiator and cooling system on a regular basis to make sure your engine can run at the proper temperatures all year round. This is extremely important to the overall performance of your vehicle. Your radiator is in charge of keeping your engine at the right temperature while operating which leads to more efficient operation.

Check the Fuel System – This is one of the most direct forms of ensuring an efficient operation of the fuel system. You should have the fuel filter changes and the injectors flushed every 30,000 miles during scheduled maintenance to make sure you have a clean and properly operating fuel system to give you better fuel efficiency.

Emissions System Check – Have this system checked, even if it isn’t part of a planned annual inspection. This will help make sure you have the performance you want and can avoid the excess greenhouse gases that cause your vehicle to emit too much in to the atmosphere. It’s important to have your system checked and operating properly to ensure you have the performance that’s right for you.

Tune Ups – Tune ups have become something we don’t think about as often because the components of our vehicles of today last so much longer. You should make sure you do get a tune up when you’re supposed to and change out the spark plugs, spark plug wires and air filters when necessary to ensure the best overall operation of your vehicle.

Drive Smarter – Once your vehicle is set up the right way you are the next most important factor in the fuel mileage you enjoy on the road. If you drive more conservatively you’ll have better fuel mileage. This can also save on your brakes that need to be taken care of as well, slow down, don’t take off hard and make sure your car lasts longer and provides you with increased fuel efficiency.

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