01.03.17 - Hyundai Santa Fe

A Hyundai Vehicle that Wins Over One Community

While there isn’t supposed to be racial divides when it comes to vehicles, there are some vehicles that become recognized by various organizations that are made to support, inform and assist a particular segment of the community such as Hispanic families, African-American families or Asian families. With organizations that do offer this support, there is often awards that are presented to different products as being better able to serve the community that is the subject of the reporting organization. When it comes to the Hispanic community, there is one SUV that’s perfect for the driving and needs of this community.

The Hyundai Santa Fe earned the best large crossover SUV award from the Hispanic Motor Press. This panel of independent content creators and journalists evaluate new vehicles throughout the year to decide if a vehicle is best suited for Hispanic consumers. This award for the Hyundai Santa Fe was presented at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show and is one of the proudest awards for this SUV this year. It’s good to see a large SUV that’s being recognized for being a vehicle that a particular segment of the population can trust and enjoy on the road.

This SUV and its smaller and sportier variant, the Santa Fe Sport have earned this award by being affordable, versatile and fun to drive. The journalists and content creators of the Hispanic Motor Press love the fresh exterior design, the enhanced infotainment system, the convenience and the safety features that are all part of this impressive vehicle. This is an award that gives the validation Hyundai needs to know they are meeting the practical and lifestyle needs of the Hispanic community to ensure this Korean company is providing what a large segment of the US Population want in a vehicle.

What makes this award so special? Beyond being an award that is presented by a journalist group serving the Hispanic community, this award signifies that an independent organization chose the Santa Fe over many others to be the right vehicle. The fact that the Hispanic Motor Press doesn’t report to other media outlets and has no rea agenda in place helps for objective judging. There can be voluntary submissions by manufacturers to allow the members to judge and decide which vehicles are worthy of the awards given. This puts the Santa Fe from Hyundai high up on the list to be a great vehicle to drive and enjoy.

As a three-row SUV that offers a large number of standard features in its class, the Santa Fe is a vehicle that’s perfect for the drive. You can enjoy a gorgeous LCD screen, a seven-inch touchscreen with a rearview camera and more. This SUV has been one of the favorites around the country and is certainly a great choice by the Hispanic Motor Press to be a vehicle that can be trusted to handle the driving needed by a Hispanic family. The Hyundai Santa Fe continues to be an excellent value player and performer in the market.

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