The Chrysler 200 is a car that gives us entry level love in a midsized sedan that is the smallest sedan offering from Chrysler. This car shows itself with a great engine, an attractive build and enticing interior features that make it a car you can be proud to drive, but if you are tired of playing in the base model area of a car the 200 offers you a couple choices you can make to have an improved driving experience.

One of the two choices is the sporty 200S which is a wonderful car to drive, but if you aren’t planning on carving up the corners or learning whether or not this car can handle some punishment you won’t want to look to the 200S for your driving. For more comfort and a higher premium feeling you want to go with the 200C which makes the ride feel more luxurious than the base model.

What you find when you choose the 200C is a cabin with leather wrapped seats that are able to cushion and hug your body while you drive. The steering wheel and armrests have added padding to them to give you a softer and cozier feeling of comfort, which is exactly what you are after. The knobs and buttons for the controls are oversized to make them easy to enjoy and locate. Other visually appealing attraction include the real wood trim and smooth metal that makes for an attractive and elegant look throughout the cabin of the 200C.

A comfortable ride is one that offers the right suspension and balance. This car is improved over the base model in both these categories to be a car that feels as if it’s floating above the pavement to give you the smoothest ride possible. While you have this feeling, you also maintain the control of a car that keeps its feet on the ground and allows you to have enjoyable transitions while driving.

Under the hood the engine remains unchanged from the base model to give you a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that offers 184 horsepower and 174 lb.-ft. of torque. This is attached to the nine-speed automatic transmission that handles smooth shifting for a pleasure cruise. If you do want more power you will have to move up to the 200 Limited to gain the Pentastar V6 engine, but if you are looking for the pleasure cruise I promised this base engine will work just fine.

One of the most important parts of having a great ride that feels more like luxury than what the price of the car offers is to have a quiet cabin. The 200C does a great job of offering the quiet with some of the most impressive sound deadening technology on the market today to give you a great premium sedan that is right for the drive. While you do pay a little more, $32,425 compared to the base $28,445, the 200C is well worth the added cost and remains an affordable car in this lineup.

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