Least Expensive Cars to Maintain and Drive

Least Expensive Cars to Maintain and Drive

You need to maintain the vehicle you drive and the costs of doing this are part of ownership when you want to enjoy a car for a long time.

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Which Cars Will Last the Longest?

Toyota Camry

When you purchase a vehicle, you hope it will last you a long time and offer you a great drive for many, many miles down the road.
Most of the vehicles we see on the road will last more than 100,000 miles, but reaching that second roll of the odometer to 200,000 miles may seem like a stretch and a bit more than what you might be able to accomplish. If you choose any of the following models to drive, you’ll have a chance of reaching this mileage mark as long as you keep the vehicle maintained.

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The Vehicles Loved by Thieves

08.10.16 - Car Thief

Just because you’re making payments on your vehicle or you bought it outright and have the ownership papers doesn’t mean you’re the only one who loves your car. Car theft has been around for several decades and thieves do tend to target specific vehicles over others when they look for a car to steal. Typically the agenda involves the ease of reselling the car quickly and the technology involved in being able to get into the vehicle. Let’s take a look at what the ten most popular vehicles for thieves to steal for 2015 were and see why.

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