Nissan Leaf: The Follow Up Has to be Amazing

The Follow Up Has to be Amazing

When you’ve built the most popular model of anything in any category and it’s time to follow it up with a new one that is the next model to carry the name, this new item must be absolutely amazing. That’s exactly what Nissan faced as they saw the end of the first generation of the Leaf and had the challenge of building a new model for us to enjoy on the road. As the most popular EV model to make its way on the roads we drive, the 2018 version of the Nissan Leaf is everything we need it to be.

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What is Holding Back EV Sales

02.25.16 - 2017 Chevrolet Bolt

We talk about the EV’s becoming the future of the automotive world and we even see where some of the new models have reasonable driving range, but for 2015 the total sales of EV cars was less than one percent of the market. There are now 25 plug in models that you can choose from but most consumers are not ready to make the change from gasoline to electric propulsion for one simple reason; driving range. Most of these electric cars off driving ranges that wouldn’t even fill a full day of commuting, which then means we need to have either a backup gasoline engine for further driving or we need to have a way to charge the batteries quickly.

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