Find Your Focus at Ford

Find Your Focus at Ford

Even though the final model year of the Ford Focus has passed, you can still find a few of the remaining models at your local Ford dealer to make it much easier for you to have a great deal and one of the best-selling cars on the market to drive. If you’re in the market … Read moreFind Your Focus at Ford

Only the Chevrolet Sonic Will Remain

Chevrolet Sonic

Does the fact that the Chevrolet Sonic is the only American-brand small hatchback left on the market when the 2020 calendar year begins make you worry a bit?
Once the Ford Fiesta is discontinued in 2019, that will be the case and we’re only going to have the Sonic as the only option to drive when you want a domestic name on your car. Even a few other Chevy compact models are going away, like the Chevy Cruze, which recently became available as a 5-door. Thankfully, Chevrolet allows the Sonic to have a large number of excellent features to make it the small car that can be the right choice for you to enjoy the drive.

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The Top of the Focus Platform; The Titanium Hatchback Manual

2016 Ford Focus Titanium

In order to even talk about this model of the Ford Focus you first need to know that the Titanium is what Ford calls its top of the line.  Most models that carry the Titanium name from Ford are very close in every aspect to luxury models.  In addition to this, the knowledge that EcoBoost from Ford means a vehicle that enjoys turbocharging from the engine.  The Focus Titanium is a hot hatch that is hot because it’s nearly a luxury model that enjoys the great performance of a turbocharged engine to give you more power at a fuel sipping number.

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The Sporty Ford Focus ST is Exciting and Interesting

2015 Sporty Ford Focus

The Ford Focus ST is the sporty hatchback version of the Focus that gives us an exciting drive.  With a sport tuned suspension and higher end engine the ST is attractive with a sport styling and a low roofline to be a hot hatch that looks like it should be a lot of fun to drive and can handle corners with quickness and agility that isn’t found in even some of the higher end sports cars.  One of the most interesting parts of the ST is the slight bit of history of its tire story and what is offered.

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