Cars That Attract a Progressive Crowd

Cars that attract a progressive crowd.

Many of the younger and more aware people in the world choose to find alternative ways to get where they need to go. These folks tend to dislike cars unless they have to have them, and when the efficiency of a Prius isn’t going to get the job done, these folks tend to like older models they can show off as classic choices. This is the same crowd that will tell you that vinyl sounds better than a digital version of song when you want to listen to music, and here are some of the cars these folks have chosen to drive.

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Bronco Facts to Get Us Ready

2016 Ford Bronco

With the announcement that Ford will bring back the Bronco before the decade is out and the fact that this can only cause a great deal of excitement this is the perfect time to look back at the first generation of the Bronco to make it difficult to argue against this awesome little SUV coming back. 

First of all, the Bronco was built to be a competitor for the Jeep CJ-5 and the International Harvester Scout.  When it arrived the Bronco offers the advantage of coil springs in the front suspension which helped to improve performance on and off the road.  Another advantage to start with was the optional V8 engine which was not present on the other two competitors.

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