How do You Get to a Lower Price?

When a manufacturer creates a product the margins that are experienced are important. The margin is where all the bills get paid, the people get paid and the profits come from. In order to ensure the feasibility of this with products, studies are conducted to come up with the cost of production along with the price that item needs to be offered for sale. In order to lower a selling price or create higher margins for the items being produced, a manufacturer has to find a way to lower the cost of production.

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The Leaf is Coming

The Leaf is Coming

The new 2018 Nissan Leaf made its debut on the stages at the shows around the world this year to give us a look at what the most popular EV model will be for the future. This amazing car is ready to offer us more of what we want for the drive and provide the qualities we’re looking for when it’s time to get out on the road and drive with the efficiency needed. There was a lot to learn about the Leaf that certainly got us excited about what this car can be for the future.

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Nissan Leaf: The Follow Up Has to be Amazing

The Follow Up Has to be Amazing

When you’ve built the most popular model of anything in any category and it’s time to follow it up with a new one that is the next model to carry the name, this new item must be absolutely amazing. That’s exactly what Nissan faced as they saw the end of the first generation of the Leaf and had the challenge of building a new model for us to enjoy on the road. As the most popular EV model to make its way on the roads we drive, the 2018 version of the Nissan Leaf is everything we need it to be.

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I-Pace: A Jaguar That’s Undefined

I-Pace A Jaguar Thats Undefined

Definitions can be limiting. When you get labeled or defined as a specific type of person or with only certain qualities, in other people’s minds, you’re limited to those characteristics. Jaguar decided to build a vehicle that can’t be defined or labeled as one thing other than its name. The new I-Pace model is expected to be an SUV, but it can also be a hatchback and it can also be a wagon. What is this new Jaguar model? It’s amazing and perfect for many different drivers who want to have true versatility in their luxury vehicle.

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Electrification the Right Way

Electrification the Right Way

One of the largest public figures in the world that have been considered one of the most macho men in the world is Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a star on the big screen, former bodybuilding champion and former Governor of California, the Terminator needs to have vehicles to drive that fit his personality but also have the ability to work with the direction that California is headed with the desire to have more models offered on the market that are EV or hybrid in nature for the future. While Arnold would look strange in a Prius, he’s turned to one company to help him have the right models to drive and enjoy.

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