2020 Ford Escape Gets A Complete Redesign

2020 Ford Escape Gets A Complete Redesign

Somehow, the 2020 Ford Escape dropped a lot of weight while getting bigger where it counts. This compact crossover SUV dropped 200 pounds but has added second-row passenger space. These changes make this SUV the best-in-class for its segment and allow you to have the right feeling and the comfort you want to offer when you take a drive. Enjoy the Co-Pilot360 suite of driver-assistance features on every trim and the choice of four engines that make this SUV one of the most impressive small models for you to drive.

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Saving You More Fuel

01.28.16 - 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Let me put this one together for you and you will see just how much this makes perfect sense. Why don’t we take the most popular truck on the market today and make it as efficient as possible while maintaining the power and strength of the vehicle? That seems to have been the goal for the new Ford F-150 lineup. First Ford introduced us to the F-150 with the aluminum body and high strength steel in the build all in an effort to save weight. This weight savings was significant enough that Ford felt comfortable using smaller engines to achieve similar power numbers to the larger engines which resulted in immediate fuel savings for those of us driving the most popular trucks on the road today.

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