2020 Ford Escape Gets A Complete Redesign

2020 Ford Escape Gets A Complete Redesign

Somehow, the 2020 Ford Escape dropped a lot of weight while getting bigger where it counts. This compact crossover SUV dropped 200 pounds but has added second-row passenger space. These changes make this SUV the best-in-class for its segment and allow you to have the right feeling and the comfort you want to offer when you take a drive. Enjoy the Co-Pilot360 suite of driver-assistance features on every trim and the choice of four engines that make this SUV one of the most impressive small models for you to drive.

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Make the Hyundai Tucson the Right SUV for You

Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai brand is known for offering you more for the money and even with the push from other brands to compete in this category with Hyundai, the Tucson remains the most steadfast example of a value choice you can drive. Let the comfortable cabin offer you the seating you want, the selection of controls that make a lot of sense for you, and the roominess you need be found in the Tucson that will be the SUV you take on the road for a great drive every day.

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Camouflage isn’t Going to Get it Done

Toyota Subcompact Crossover SUV

What seems to happen when we are anticipating a new model of any vehicle?  The vehicle is tested somewhere in a supposedly remote location with what is to be a layer of camouflage over it that is supposed to keep us from being able to see what the car will really look like.  Such was the case with the new Toyota Subcompact Crossover SUV (yes, another one of those) that was seen testing with a Scion xB.  In no way can automakers continue to expect us to believe they really think they are hiding much at all from us with this covering.

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