Yet Another GM Recall

11.30.16 - General Motors Headquarters

GM has had some of the largest recalls in history, most recently the faulty ignition switch recall that affected millions of vehicles around the world. Unfortunately they now have another recall that must be issued, the good news on this recall is that it won’t take long to fix because it only involved updating some software that’s meant to ensure vehicles are made safe. This recall does have to do with the safety of the GM vehicles which makes it a recall that we need to take seriously and if you happen to have one of the affected vehicles you need to have your vehicle updated right away.

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Which Car Would You Rather Have?

05.29.16 - 2016 Hyundai Azera

Sometimes when you compare two items it’s not clear which one is preferred as soon as you look at them. It’s not as if you had to choose between two types of fruit such as apples and oranges, but instead you have to choose the grade of the fruit and on the outside they look exactly the same. When this happens how do you make a choice between the two to make sure you have the better pick and the one that will be the most satisfying and free of any defects, the same is the case with cars that are extremely similar.

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