Your Car Donation Changes Lives

Do you have a car that’s taking up space in your driveway or yard? Make a car donation to a charitable organization that can do something with your car and turn it from the massive paperweight sitting around doing nothing for you to a car that allows someone to drive and learn. When you make your car donation to the Newgate School, your old car will be out of your way and will be used to change the lives of others in your area. This old car will benefit you as well and make it possible for you to reduce your tax liability.

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Image Size Guide for Automotive Digital Marketing

Image Size Guide for Automotive Digital Marketing

Why Correct Image Sizing Matters

Sharing images to your dealer’s social media pages, whether they’re published on your dealer’s Facebook Page, Instagram or Blog is important since you’re giving your customers and readers the chance to see your content and graphics in the most optimized way for each platform. It may seem tedious to make multiple versions of the same image with different dimensions, but it will show your audience that you pay close attention to detail which will make them more likely to follow you online.

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