2017 Toyota Mirai: Continuing the Fuel-Cell Charge

12.19.16 - Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai is an impressive fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) that uses electricity to convert hydrogen and oxygen into electricity. This gives you a vehicle that only produces water vapor as its emissions, which makes it a zero emissions vehicle. This is the goal of many vehicles going forward and with the Mirai you have the ability to travel for up to 300 miles before this one needs to be refueled. While the Mirai isn’t the first FCV on the market it’s the one that is working to lead the way and make FCV models more widespread as more hydrogen filling stations are built.

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Using Tracks to Make Driving Better in Europe

12.12.16 - Nürburgring Nordschleife

Racing has been part of our world since the beginning of the automobile. Because Europe has been such an integral part of racing and is home to most of the supercars that we admire any visit you make to Europe should include at least a cursory visit to some of the greatest race tracks on the continent. If you haven’t made your plans for a European race track tour just yet it may be time to begin. Along with a visit to any of these amazing locations you should try to attend a race or even take your rental car out on the track if that track allows you to.

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How do You Remain the Leader?

12.12.16 - Chevrolet Colorado

The midsize truck segment was reinvigorated by the release of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Adding these two trucks back to the segment ensured the midsize truck market would be competitive once again. At the time it was easy for GM to reenter the market as a leader with many of the other models growing long in the tooth as older version of what had made them successful for many years. As GM quickly took over the market other brands began to take notice and begin updating their midsize trucks to continue the competitive spirit of what we want in our smaller trucks.

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An Original Backer Expanding

12.05.16 - Abt Schaeffler Audi Sport FE02

Formula E racing is fairly new to the market as it only started in 2014 and at the time every car on the track was identical except in color and sponsor. Audi was one of the original sponsors of a Formula E racing team, but as the sport has grown over the past few years some teams are expanding and asking that automakers build their own race cars to give some differentiation to the cars on this circuit. This is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing racing divisions in the world and may eventually branch off into other areas of racing.

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Another New Experience

12.05.16 - Jaguar Land Rover Classic Ice Academy

Most of us are terrified of driving on the ice and some even fear driving in the rain. It makes sense to fear driving on ice; when there’s ice on the roads in your area it’s easy to see how a vehicle could spin out, end up in a ditch, run into other vehicles and cause some serious accidents. the fact that ice can get between the tires and the road to cause you to have no traction at all is frightening and will leave you wanting to get to your destination even more than ever or have you turning back the other way to avoid driving on the ice.

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What Do You Need for Your Used Audi?

11.30.16 - Used Audi

Anytime you buy a used vehicle you want to have the tools that will allow you to enjoy the benefits that come with understanding your vehicle and the ability to work on it yourself. If you pride yourself a grease monkey and want to turn wrenches on your vehicle you might need to have a few extra items in your garage when you want to work on your used Audi vehicle. The beauty of having these items in the garage allow you to also enjoy the benefit of the tools you’ll need if you happen to purchase a Volkswagen vehicle with the same type of engine.

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Yet Another GM Recall

11.30.16 - General Motors Headquarters

GM has had some of the largest recalls in history, most recently the faulty ignition switch recall that affected millions of vehicles around the world. Unfortunately they now have another recall that must be issued, the good news on this recall is that it won’t take long to fix because it only involved updating some software that’s meant to ensure vehicles are made safe. This recall does have to do with the safety of the GM vehicles which makes it a recall that we need to take seriously and if you happen to have one of the affected vehicles you need to have your vehicle updated right away.

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2017 Jeep Patriot: A Big Difference for You

11.29.16 - Jeep Patriot

The challenge many automakers have when they build a compact SUV is making sure the vehicle is still capable of being used on and off the road. The Jeep Patriot doesn’t have that problem and as an actual Jeep this SUV comes to you at a great price and offers the benefit of the drive you want to enjoy at a price you can afford. When you need your compact SUV to drive like a car but give you the performance that’s similar to larger SUV’s, the Jeep Patriot makes a great choice for all your driving needs.

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A Dramatic Presentation for a Wagon

11.29.16 - Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Imagine you spent the last week of September at the Paris Motor Show. If this was the case you would have been able to witness a fantastic offering of vehicles from a wide variety of models that were on display form all over the world. Manufacturers bring the best and most impressive models to these shows to let us see what they have to offer the market coming up or so that we can see what they’re working on. Because they typically want the journalists that attend the shows to give rave reviews they dress these vehicles up and polish them to a shine.

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The Chinese Market will Show Us the Way

11.28.16 - Buick Velite Concept

The Chinese automotive market has one American brand they love more than any other. That brand is Buick. This brand has become so popular in China that we now have a Buick plant in China and enjoy the fact that the new midsized SUV in the Buick lineup comes from this plant, and now the Chinese market will give us what we will see in a new car and the styling that will show us the new lineup. The new Buick Velite Concept is one that came out and showed off as something that we didn’t expect.

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