An Enthusiastic Audi

The Audi RS models are some of the sportiest versions offered by the Audi team. The RS models are offered with more equipment and packaging to ensure you can have the drive you want and a variety of amazing items for the drive you want to enjoy. A new model of the Audi RS 3 has emerged with a name that reminds you of one of the most famous tracks in the world. The new Audi RS 3 Nardo is a car that can give you the amazing performance and drive that you want to enjoy when its time to get behind the wheel and take a ride.

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Luxury Excellence in the Audi A4

Luxury Excellence in the Audi A4

You’re looking for a car that has the luxury features that make driving better for you every day. While there are now fewer sedans on the market than in the past, one that keeps on bringing us the qualities we want to enjoy on the road is the Audi A4. This car has the sophisticated build you’ll admire, the amazing power for a great drive, and the interior that has the style that will offer you the features you’re after. Feel the handling and the ride of the A4 and it will quickly become your favorite car to drive.

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The Perfect Audi Sedan for You

The Perfect Audi Sedan for You

When you’re looking for a sedan that has a conservative but elegant style while giving you the pure luxury drive that you desire, the Audi A4 must be on your list. This is a car that your kids will love and one that will impress your friends and coworkers. The cabin of the A4 has everything you want and when you start it up for a drive, you’ll be pleased with the performance and drive that takes you on the road to have the feeling that you want when you’re ready to ride.

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The Audi e-tron Arrives for Your Drive

The Audi Vision Arrives for Your Drive

With every automotive brand looking for the right way to offer us the future of driving with electric models that create no harmful emissions Audi has an important vehicle for us to talk about. The new 2019 Audi e-tron is the first all-electric vehicle offered from this brand and it provides us with a look at the future of the brand. This model is the right size as an SUV that can be easy for you to enjoy the drive with your family when you take a drive on the roads in your area.

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Luxury Spotlight – Audi Q7 is in a Different World

Luxury Spotlight - Audi Q7 is in a Different World

When you’re looking at the German luxury brands, you see three distinct personalities. BMW offers styling we’ve come to know and a high level of athleticism, Mercedes-Benz offers over-the-top styling inside and out, and Audi offers you a pairing of conservative exterior style with the most impressive interior you can experience for the drive. The 2019 Audi Q7 is an example of this with its attractive luxury look and perfectly crafted interior features that make this an SUV that can be right for you. This is an SUV you’re going to want to take for a drive and enjoy on the road.

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AWD in a Sports Car on the Horizon?

AWD in a Sports Car

When we think about the need for AWD the first thing that comes to mind is climate needs. Most of the time, this means you choose to have an SUV like the Dodge Journey for the drive. That means you get to have a great drive on the road and the driving capability needed. Often, we … Read moreAWD in a Sports Car on the Horizon?

Looking to the Sports Car Roots

Looking to the Sports Car Roots

Sometimes we forget that a luxury car brand such as Audi actually has some roots in racing and has been a name to be reckoned with in the past. The team at Audi had decided they need to remind those of us that talk about the automotive world of the fact this brand has the ability and the history to offer a car that will offer you the drive you’re looking for. In order to present us with that reminder, this brand chose the Audi TT to build on and create a car that harkens back to the roots that we’ve admired for years.

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Which Luxury Sedan is the Right One for You: TLX or A4?

Which luxury sedan is right for you?

When you have a daily need to drive and you spend more than a few hours each week inside your vehicle you might want to move up the lineup and choose one of the luxury sedans that you can drive and enjoy. The decision to have more features than you would on a mainstream model and enjoy the higher quality of everything that’s included in a luxury ride means you want something better.  Two great luxury sedan choices you can decide between are the Acura TLX and the Audi A4 which both offer you the qualities you’re looking for.

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An Original Backer Expanding

12.05.16 - Abt Schaeffler Audi Sport FE02

Formula E racing is fairly new to the market as it only started in 2014 and at the time every car on the track was identical except in color and sponsor. Audi was one of the original sponsors of a Formula E racing team, but as the sport has grown over the past few years some teams are expanding and asking that automakers build their own race cars to give some differentiation to the cars on this circuit. This is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing racing divisions in the world and may eventually branch off into other areas of racing.

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What Do You Need for Your Used Audi?

11.30.16 - Used Audi

Anytime you buy a used vehicle you want to have the tools that will allow you to enjoy the benefits that come with understanding your vehicle and the ability to work on it yourself. If you pride yourself a grease monkey and want to turn wrenches on your vehicle you might need to have a few extra items in your garage when you want to work on your used Audi vehicle. The beauty of having these items in the garage allow you to also enjoy the benefit of the tools you’ll need if you happen to purchase a Volkswagen vehicle with the same type of engine.

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