Thinking Ram during the Super Bowl

Thinking Ram during the Super Bowl

The Ram team brought an amazing new pickup truck the recent Detroit Auto Show which gave us a preview of what we would expect when the Super Bowl arrived. This new truck is built to be tough, capable, and one of the most impressive offered on the market and the team at Ram needed to find a way to express these qualities in a pair of commercials that aired during the biggest television event of the year. FCA found a way to make sure this truck was shown off the right way during two spots that were extremely different from each other.

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More Capability in the ROUSH Package

Capability with a ROUSH package

How can you have a Ford F-150 that offers you more of the qualities you’re looking for? Add the ROUSH package to it and let this amazing vehicle be the truck of choice for you. The 2018 ROUSH F-150 is a truck that packages power and performance that way you want in order to make sure you can have more fun on the trails and a much more capable truck when you add this package that looks great on your truck and gives you the features you’re sure to admire when you drive.

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Oddities On Stage

Oddities On Stage

The Tokyo Motor Show is underway and as you would expect from any of the automotive shows around the country, there are a variety of impressive models that are meant to capture our gaze and tickle our imagination as the brands in attendance show us what the future may hold. Along with that thought, we also see some of the strangest models at these shows. These are concepts that might not make it to market, but have been rooked out to gauge our acceptance or our complete distaste with the models that are being shown; here are some of those strange models that made their way to Tokyo.

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Electrification the Right Way

Electrification the Right Way

One of the largest public figures in the world that have been considered one of the most macho men in the world is Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a star on the big screen, former bodybuilding champion and former Governor of California, the Terminator needs to have vehicles to drive that fit his personality but also have the ability to work with the direction that California is headed with the desire to have more models offered on the market that are EV or hybrid in nature for the future. While Arnold would look strange in a Prius, he’s turned to one company to help him have the right models to drive and enjoy.

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2017 Maserati Gran Turismo: Something Different; Something Better

2017 Maserati Gran Turismo Something Different Something Better

There should be a particular feeling you get when you hear the brand name of Maserati. That feeling is one that brings a smile to your face and allows you to know you’re going to be driving something special and interesting for you to have the drive and the quality you want to enjoy on the road. The Gran Turismo is a car that makes it easy for you to have the ride you’re looking for and the quality you want in order to make a huge difference on the road with you behind the wheel.

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Finding Ways to Branch Out

Finding Ways to Branch Out

If an automaker has built their hybrid systems or their EV batteries to be fully integrated and only have a single application, they are being extremely narrow-minded and not considering what the batteries they have could mean. On the other hand, some companies are looking at how the batteries they create can be used for more applications than just in the vehicles they build and offer. We’ve heard about Tesla batteries being used to add power to a home in a renewable format and now know that another company has found a great way to use their batteries for more than just automotive use.

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Volkswagen is Making Good

05.31.17 - Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller

The trust you had in the Volkswagen brand may have disappeared once you learned of the cheating scandal that was allowing VW models to emit as much as forty times the allowable limit of NOx into the air. NOx is a pollutant that has been linked as a cause of cancer and is easily something we don’t want in the atmosphere. Although the numbers have varied since Volkswagen agreed to buy back or fix the offending models, they are said to be spending as much as $25 billion between current vehicle owners, regulators, states and dealers to try and make good on this problem.

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The Engineer’s Nightmare is the Accountant’s Dream

04.07.17 - The Accountant

The two aspects of automotive building that are nearly always at cross purposes with each other are the engineers and the accountants. The accountants have the job of figuring out how to save money during the production of the vehicles their company produces while the engineers are concerned with making vehicles operate better than ever. At some point during the process of building cars these two relatively unrelated professions must come to an agreement and make vehicles that bring advanced engineering aspects to the market while fitting into the budgets that are managed by the accountants.

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The New Kid on the Block

03.08.17 - Chevrolet Cruze

The thought that small diesel powered cars were dead when Volkswagen was caught cheating certainly hasn’t come to fruition. A few different automakers have stepped forward to create their own small passenger cars powered by diesel. Right now there’s one standout that seems to be the right model to give us what we want when it comes to diesel power in a compact car size. That mode is the new 2017 Chevrolet Cruze diesel which has what you want and gives you exactly the power you’ve been after to go along with why you bought a diesel passenger car in the past.

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Will There be a Return and in What?

01.27.17 - Dodge NASCAR

Do you remember Dodge being part of NASCAR? If you do then you’ve been watching the sport since at least before 2012 because that was the last year that Dodge was part of the NASCAR circuit. The decision to pull Dodge out of NASCAR came in 2009, but the current contracts had to run out in 2012 before the brand could leave the sport altogether. The decision, which was made by FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne, was a simply one of being able to pay the bills that were coming in for FCA which as facing the bankruptcy that was part of the world wide downfall of the automotive market.

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