The Nissan Kicks is an SUV You’ll Grow to Love

The Nissan Kicks is an SUV You’ll Grow to Love

The fact that the new Nissan Kicks SUV is based on the Versa platform may have you approaching this SUV with a feeling of apprehension.

Don’t be afraid to test this vehicle out and find out what it brings to the market, this is a cheerful, active, and enjoyable SUV that shows off with an excellent build and an affordable base price. The tech and the qualities offered in the new Nissan Kicks will make it a kick for you to drive and have the connectivity you’ve been looking for.

Under the hood of the Nissan Kicks, you’re going to find an excellent 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 125 horsepower and 115 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is attached to an excellent CVT automatic transmission that helps you have the fuel mileage in an SUV that rivals some sedans. The numbers you’re going to find are 31 city/36 hwy mpg to make sure you’re going to be able to experience an excellent drive and have the fun you want when you get out on the road. Take this impressive SUV out for a test drive and begin to have the drive you’re looking for right now.

Stop by your nearby Nissan dealership and you’re going to see that this SUV has the look and feel of some of the larger SUV models that are offered by this brand. You’ll recognize the signature V-Motion grille, the floating roof, and the boomerang head and taillights that are part of the look of the other models in the lineup from Nissan. You’re going to also admire the fender flares, the wheel arches that are right for the drive, and the variety of colors that you can choose in order to have the vehicle you want to drive.

What Does the Nissan Kicks Have for You?

The fuel mileage and small engine make sense for this little SUV when you see the fact that it shows up at a paltry 2,639 pounds which makes it nearly 250 pounds lighter than the Honda HR-V, which is the next lightest vehicle in this class. Even though the Kicks are lighter than the rest, it’snot one that you’re going to feel cramped in. There’s plenty of room for five people to fit comfortably with ample headroom for taller passengers in both rows. With the seats folded down, you’re going to see as much as 53 cubic feet of cargo room for your stuff.

Up front, the Zero Gravity seats are comfortable and situated perfectly for the drive. Looking at the dashboard you’re going to see a screen that’s shifted to the right a bit, but this look is one that you’ll certainly be able to enjoy when on the road. The fit and the finished features of the Nissan Kicks makes it an excellent SUV to drive and one that offers you the qualities you’re sure to love when it’s time to get out on the road.

The pricing of the Nissan Kicks certainly makes it possible for you to keep more money in your pocket. The starting price for this SUV shows up at just a little less than $19,000 for the S trim. There are three trims offered which are S, SV, and SR, and the loaded up SR trim will only ask you to pay a little less than $23,000 making the range for this SUV a small and extremely affordable one. This is easily one of the most affordable SUV models you can have for the drive you’re going to want to make every day.

An Economy SUV that Offers Impressive Quality

Many times, when you’re looking at an economy-class vehicle, you expect to pay less and have the cheapest and bargain basement materials used. The Nissan Kicks bucks this trend with a low price that does allow you to have the choice of two-tone paint, drives faster than you might expect, provides a quality build and the materials to match, is a spacious model in every way, and brings you the right SUV to enter the Nissan family. Take a test drive today and see if this is the right small SUV for you to drive.

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