The undisputed king of the American muscle car category is the Dodge Challenger. This is a car that allows every generation of a driver to enjoy what it offers and know they can have the exciting ride and quality desired. Take the muscle car look from the late 1960s and marry it with the technology of today and you have a car that can give you glorious power wherever you need it. That’s what you get in the Dodge Challenger that you want to take out and drive on the roads and at the tracks in your area.

Surprising Space in the Challenger Muscle Car

When you look inside the Dodge Challenger, you’ll see a cabin that’s large and comfortable, giving you as much room as many sedans. The top models of the Challenger give you the option of forgoing the rear seat, but if you have the rear seat installed, you have comfortable seating for five people, which is a bit of a surprise. The only drawback to this large cabin is the fact that you only have two doors to give you access to the seating in the cabin of the Dodge Challenger that you want to drive.

Power to Make Your Eyes Red from Dodge

Last year, we had the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, which was the most powerful version of this car we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, there was a limited number of these cars and you had to use special fuel to get the most power. Taking a half-step back for the new model year, the Dodge team gives us the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye which offers you 797 horsepower and many of the impressive features offered in the Demon of last year. Get the power you want at this top performance muscle car and show off when you take it to the track.

Added Control in the Challenger Muscle Car

You might look at the Dodge Challenger as the muscle car that’s offered with power that’s out of control, but this muscle car has the power harnessed in the models that offer you AWD. Yes, the Challenger has AWD in the SXT and GT models t ogive you the handling you want when faced with winter driving weather and the ability to drive on snow and in poor weather. You’ll be amazed by this added control and have something in your muscle car that comes in no other car in this class.

A Wider Body for this Dodge

The Dodge team created the Widebody build for the Dodge Challenger and this impressive build gives you a retro feeling and the cool build that gives you a better stance and a more aggressive look when you take a drive. You’ll see wider fender flares, amazing hood scoops, the badging you want, and optional stripes that can be enjoyed when you choose a Widebody model of the Dodge Challenger that you’ll want to drive and enjoy every day. Take a look and let this car get your adrenaline started.

Hemi Everywhere in the Challenger Muscle Car

Once you step above the V6 engine, you’ll see Hemi as part of the name for the engine that you choose for your Dodge Challenger. There are three V8 engines used in this amazing muscle car and all three have been built with the Hemi name. Choose the 5.7-liter model and have 375 horsepower, get the 6.4-liter model and enjoy 485 ponies under the hood or choose the 6.2-liter supercharged model of the Hellcat. This top engine gives you 717 horsepower in the Hellcat and the upgraded 797 horses galloping under the hood in the Hellcat Redeye models.

Excitement from Dodge

The Dodge brand has a long history of offering you the fun you want in cars that have excellent power and performance for the fun and active drive on the tracks in your area. The Dodge Challenger has been a cornerstone of the muscle cars offered in this country for a long time and it can be the right car for you to drive. See the team at your nearby Dodge dealer and let them assist you in finding the Challenger that can be the ideal car for you to have the fun you want when you take a drive.


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