Honda Fit

Honda Makes Efficient Use of Space

There is a small hatchback that feels much larger than it is. This little car is the Honda Fit and this car is one that has set the bar for affordable subcompact vehicles to aspire to.
If you’re looking for a car that has the spunky personality that makes you smile, the versatility you desire, and the ability to save you money, the Honda Fit is the right choice for you. This car is one that will let you have a drive to wherever you need to go without taking yourself or the drive too seriously at all.

Responsive Agility in the Honda Fit

You don’t need a ton of horsepower to have a fun and active drive on the road. All you need is a car that’s built the right way to make sure you can have the ability to ride the way you want. This little car is more comfortable than you expect it to be and it has the trims that you can choose from to find the ride that fits you and has the features you desire. Get inside and take the Honda Fit for a drive to see if it will have everything you desire today.

A Small Car with Big Items

The Honda Fit is equipped with an impressive seven-inch infotainment screen in the EX and EX-L models. This screen gives you Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility for the connection you want when you drive. You’ll also admire the expanded Honda Sensing Suite of safety features which brings you adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, forward collision warning, lane-keeping assist, and road departure mitigation. You’ll also have the benefits of automatic high-beam headlights as part of the package to give you the visibility you need when you drive.

The Interior of the Honda Fit is Incredible

A small car comes with the challenge of making sure all the items fit where they need to and give you the look and comfort that you want in the cabin. The Honda Fit is built with the fuel tank beneath the front seats to give this car more room in other places. You’ll love the Magic Seat which is in the rear to give you a 60/40 split-folding configuration. Check out the cabin of this impressive car and see if it can be the right one for you to have a smooth and active ride on the road.

Find Added items for Your Small Honda

In addition to the Honda Sensing suite of safety technology, you can have the new Fit with a lot of what you want when you drive. You’ll also be able to have 16-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, push-button starting, paddle shifters, a sunroof, the Lane Watch camera, and more electronics for your drive. The upgraded seating material can be found in the EX-L model which has leather covering the seats to give you the comfort and smooth ride that you’ll want to feel while you’re on the road.

A Small but Perfect Powertrain for the Fit

Every model of the Honda Fit is built with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. This small engine is one that makes it possible for you to have an affordable way to enjoy the drive on the road. This engine is attached to a CVT automatic transmission or a manual transmission to give you the shifting you need. With the manual model, you’ll have 130 horsepower and 114 lb.-ft. of torque while the automatic allows you to have 128 horsepower and 113 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive. You can enjoy up to 40 mpg on the highway in the Honda Fit.

Small Car Driving Made Right by Honda

Drive the car that you want to enjoy during your commute and it will be the Honda Fit. This impressive little car is one that has the dynamic driving features and fun factor built to give you everything you want on the road. Get behind the wheel and take this car for a test drive and you’ll see that it is the car that you want to enjoy which can be parked everywhere and allow you to save money during the drive.

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