A wide variety of reliable pre-owned brands of cars are emerging as technology and assembly techniques improve. Smart shoppers are well-prepared and put reliability and durability at the top of their list.

Be a Savvy Buyer

More shoppers are seeking reliable pre-owned brands of vehicles as the industry becomes more transparent. Gone are the days of pushy, deceptive second-hand car dealers. Today’s industry offers full appraisals that include model, trim, year, make, along with standard and optional features. They also review the car’s history of accidents, vehicle condition, type of vehicle use (rental, fleet, personal) and number of owners.

Smart shoppers do their homework before they walk into the showroom. They also read the fine print on the window sticker, which provides valuable info about residual warranties.

A Resale Bonanza

Toyota is the clear front runner when reviewing reliable pre-owned brands. Most of the models in the Toyota line have received the highest reliability ratings for more than a decade. The Toyota Pruis is still going strong with solid battery performance, and the Toyota Camry has dominated the midsize car category for an entire generation. Much of the credit goes to consistent assembly at the company’s auto plants and practical design quality. There are no have no significant complaints against the Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Avalon. The Toyota Corolla has a rep for being “overbullt” when compared to others in its class. This 4-cylinder continues to offer an impressive performance.

Right after Toyota, is the Lexus brand. For more than a decade, the Lexus ES rolls away with stellar reviews of all its major systems, including transmission, engine, fuel system and electrical. Despite age, the Lexus IS continues to look good and start every morning. The Lexus GS continues to rack up outstanding scores on reliability tests year after year.

More choices

But there’s much more to the list of reliable pre-owned brands. The Mazda3 made several review lists in top reliability. It’s had an impressive track record since 2010.

The Honda Accord and the Honda Civic are also sound buys. The Honda Accord resale holds its own in quality and reliability. The Honda Civic remains a standard for compact cars. It’s refined, reliable and a lot of fun to drive.

Some folks need to command the street with the Ford Crown Victoria sedan with its classy appeal and spacious rear seat and trunk space. The Subaru Outback breaks away from the road and is always ready for adventure with its AWD that can withstand every type of weather. The
Nissan Maxima midsize sedan also stands up to resale scrutiny. This sporty, comfy sedan maintains a solid track record.

If a used truck is on your list, one of the most trusted names in term of reliability and durability is the GMC Sierra 1500. Used GMC Sierra 1500 models offer lots of value and capability for all you need to accomplish. In fact, the Sierra 1500 has been high on the list of most popular midsize pickups for some time, now.

Do It Right

These reliable pre-owned brands are smart choices on today’s car market. But make sure you may your own assessment before you buy. Check the body of the vehicle for damage and rust. A small magnet can determine if body filler has been used to cover repairs. Be wary of new tires and low mileage on a vehicle, which may be an indication that the odometer has been rolled back. And always ask for an independent inspection of a used vehicle.

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