What your favorite muscle car? When asked this question, you’re likely to have an even split of people who love the Challenger, Camaro, and the Mustang. All three of these cars date back a long time as heritage models that have been around to give us the driving excitement we love on the road and at the track. The Ford Mustang is one that seems to symbolize the American spirit in a special way, and it has been changed many times over to become the model we see today, but that might change.

Staying Around for a While

The Ford Mustang we see on the market right now could be the same one we see through 2025. That’s a lengthy generation for a sports car and we will see some upgrades between now and that time. Later this year we are going to see the Shelby GT500 and after that a hybrid version that will be offered for the benefits of additional fuel mileage and power. Other than a mid-cycle refresh that will take place in the early part of 2022, the Mustang will live on as it’s currently constructed to give us the drive we enjoy.

What’s Causing the Delay for the Mustang?

Sports cars are often used to develop powertrains and make it possible for you to have the aggressive drive you’re looking for on the road. Many times, we see the powertrains used in other models from the brand, but in the case of the Mustang, the powertrains and the platform that will be used come from the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. This new rear-drive CD6 platform will cause the Mustang to grow in size, which means it might be nearly as large as the Dodge Challenger we see right now.

The Life Cycle Will Give Ford Time

Ford has invested heavily in the development of electrification for its lineup and continues to add more hybrid power to the market for the vehicles that we love to drive and enjoy today. Not only will the time between now and a new Mustang give the Ford team the time they need to develop the platform, but it will also offer more time for added electric technology to be developed. Having a sports car around for a long time isn’t strange at all, the Dodge Challenger we see today has been around since 2008.

An Exciting Drive with the Continued Heritage

The Ford Mustang dates back to the 1950s to be a car that we love to drive and enjoy when it’s time for an exciting and fun way to head out on the road. The fact that Ford can already give us an idea of what they have planned for the future of this car and when they expect to execute this plan and offer us the next generation for the Mustang that will be offered for our drive. Until then, we can enjoy the fun and active drive of this amazing muscle car.

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