Admire the Details of the new Mazda3

Admire the Details of the new Mazda3

If you’ve thought of the Mazda3 as simply a small and affordable car that barely costs you anything with a build that reflects that low price, the new 2019 Mazda3 has been created to change your mind and turn your thoughts to the quality and details offered. There are some items that show up right away such as the interior design, the smooth style of the body, and the elegant colors offered, but other items won’t show up until later and you’ll be surprised by what you find when you get behind the wheel and take a drive.

The View from the Driver’s Seat of this Mazda

When you get behind the wheel and look at what you’ve got in front of you, you’re going to be pleased by what you see. The Mazda3 offers you a large set of analog gauges that flank a digital speedometer. There’s an optional head-up display that you want to choose which projects clear information on the windshield for you to have the view you want of the information you need. The HVAC controls appear to be better than this class of vehicle and the steering wheel is sportier than you might expect.

You’ll see a new 8.8-inch screen which is standard on every model and sits on the dashboard while being canted toward the driver. The infotainment controls that are offered make perfect sense for you when it’s time for a ride that you’ll love. The sounds you hear from the music you choose comes out of the ten-speaker Bose audio system that you can choose when you select the head-up display. The connectivity you desire is present and easy for you to enjoy when you decide to take your smartphone along and allow the Mazda3 to pair with it for the drive.

The Dynamic Drive of the Mazda3

The drive you’ll enjoy in the Mazda3 starts with the new driver’s seat which has been redesigned and is positioned in a way to make you more comfortable and more capable as the driver. This seat helps you feel confident when you take a corner and it helps you feel the engaged drive while missing out on the bumps on the road. Of course, the seat can’t do everything for you and the new torsion-beam axle in the rear helps to give you the feeling you want when you head out on the road.

The sedan and the hatchback models of the Mazda3 both have the same tuning to make sure you have the right feeling on the road. Go ahead and step up to the 18-inch wheel and get out on the road where you can have a great drive. The turning you’ll experience is easy for you to feel with the upgraded steering system that provides you with the right way to take a corner and love the experience behind the wheel. This driving experience is one of the most impressive details that you’ll admire in the Mazda3.

Forget the Turbo

Even though many of the models in competition with the Mazda3 are offered with turbocharging under the hood, this car continues to give you a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 186 horsepower and 186 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive. This naturally aspirated engine gives you plenty of power that can be routed through the six-speed manual transmission if you choose the hatchback or the six-speed automatic transmission in the sedan models that you’ll want to drive. While you drive, the road winds and noise won’t be nearly as loud as they are in other models, making this the right choice for you to drive.

A Statement of Mazda Style

The bodywork of the new Mazda3 is easy to appreciate. This car is one that’s grown up in the era of Kodo design for the Mazda brand. The hatchback has a more aggressive design and tidier proportions while the sedan has a longer build and more elegant feeling to it. Either way, you’re going to have an excellent new choice in the 2019 Mazda3 that you want to drive when it’s time to head out on the roads to experience what this car happens to bring for your drive.

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