Social Media Basics for Dealers and Dealerships

Social Media Basics for Dealers

Dealerships and Social Media

Social media has quickly become a resource for buyers and loyal customers to follow brands and companies they love and to discover new ones. It’s vital that your dealership understands the basics of social media and can easily be found online by your current customers and new ones.

Top Social Media Sites

While there are many social media platforms today from Facebook to Reddit, there are a few key ones that will be more important and useful for your dealership to focus its digital marketing efforts on and those are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.


As the average age of Facebook users increases, the need still remains for a social media site to reach older generations who are looking to buy new vehicles. It’s important for your dealer to be on the same social media platforms your customers are on, so you can easily share news and information with them.  As you and your team get comfortable with regular Facebook ads, dark posts and the like, down the line you can consider more intricate advertising efforts, like drip marketing, to lock down your potential customers.


It’s also a no brainer that your dealership needs to have an Instagram profile. Instagram has grown in ways to market to people far and wide from polls in Instagram stories to sharing the sharpest images to highlight your latest inventory.


According to Pew Research Center, YouTube is the second most used social media platforms by people aged 30 to 50+ after Facebook. Even though video content is more expensive to produce, it’s important to stand out and show your customers that you’re more than a cookie cutter dealership. Fun videos that showcase your employees and the latest trends in vehicles will keep your customers coming back for more. With a steady hand, a video recording device, whether that’s a high-quality smartphone or digital camera, and a script that doesn’t sound fake, your dealership will be reaching new viewers and potential customers on YouTube.


Now Twitter, though it’s popularity may be slowing down, it’s still a very relevant social media site for quick info and it’s another way you can share important news and highlights of your dealership. It’s okay if Twitter isn’t in your top three social media sites, but be sure to include it as customers use it to easily reach companies with a single mention in a tweet.

Consistency Should be the Focus

Now that your dealership has profiles on the main social media platforms your job as your dealer’s digital marketer is complete, right? Wrong. The hard part is posting consistently now. Your followers, your customers, new and loyal are following your dealership for a reason, so you need to make sure to give them useful content. That content can be in the form of graphics of the latest 2019 models or advice on financing or leasing a vehicle. Posting at least once a day should be your goal because the companies that have a solid following and growth will lead to loyal followers and customers who will share their praise and love for your dealership to their friends, families, and social media followers.

Don’t Compare, Be Authentic

With the rise in social media marketing, customers are also becoming more aware of companies that are authentic versus scripted or fake. It’s crucial that your dealership focuses on the qualities that make it unique from your competitors and doesn’t try to copy what other dealerships are doing. When your dealership puts its best and most authentic self online, your followers will see that, take note and remember your dealership versus your competitor when it comes time to buy a new vehicle.

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