Toyota Camry

Which Cars Will Last the Longest?

When you purchase a vehicle, you hope it will last you a long time and offer you a great drive for many, many miles down the road.
Most of the vehicles we see on the road will last more than 100,000 miles, but reaching that second roll of the odometer to 200,000 miles may seem like a stretch and a bit more than what you might be able to accomplish. If you choose any of the following models to drive, you’ll have a chance of reaching this mileage mark as long as you keep the vehicle maintained.

Toyota Camry – It should come as no surprise that Toyota makes this list and does so with the midsize sedan we’ve loved for many years. This name and this car have been known for reliability and resale value for many years, which leads to why you can expect to have this car last up to 200,000 miles worth of driving that you’ll perform from behind the wheel.
Honda Accord – Another brand that has been known for reliability on the roads we drive is Honda. The Honda Accord is a dynamic and attractive midsize sedan that offers you the comfort and impressive drive you’ve been after. Make this car the one you want to drive the next time you’re looking for a car that’s going to allow you to drive for up to 200,000 miles on the road.
Toyota Prius – Not only can you enjoy the Prius for its efficiency offered, but you can also enjoy this car for a long time. Imagine the savings you could have if you had up to fifty mpg worth of fuel mileage for as many as 200,000 miles. The savings are excellent and with the new look of the Prius, you’ll be more than happy to have this be the car you drive and enjoy.
Honda CR-V – Your family SUV can last you a long time when you take care of it and allow it to be the right vehicle for you to drive. The CR-V has been the most admired SUV and the one that has reached the highest level of sales over the past several years. This can be a versatile cabin you enjoy for as much as 200,000 miles or more on the road.
Toyota Sienna – If you purchase this minivan when your kids are small you may see it grow up with your children and go from the booster seats to the sports fields with the gear you take along. The Sienna carries the brand name that will allow you to have the benefit of longevity on the road and reliability in the market that makes it the right one for you when you want a vehicle you can trust.
Honda Civic You expect the compact sedan offered from a brand to be able to perform in the same manner as the midsize model. That’s the case with Honda and the Civic that can be the car that will last for a long time on the road. Take a look at the design of this car and realize you’re going to be driving it for as long as you want.
Toyota Corolla – Another compact car that has the ability to still be on the road after 200,000 miles is the Corolla. If you choose this car as the one that will make the commute for you every day, you’re going to have many years of great driving to enjoy the ride to wherever you need to go. Take a look at the impressive style and realize you’ll be showing off that style in more than ten years.
Toyota 4Runner – When you’re looking for a vehicle that not only allows you to have the adventures you want on the trails you travel but also gives you a long time of driving on the road, the 4Runner could be the perfect choice for you. This is a model that easily can reach the second roll of the odometer to be the SUV that continues to drive even when you don’t want to anymore.
Toyota Highlander – Another SUV from the brand that has dominated this list is the Highlander. With a variety of seats you can offer, for comfort and plenty of cargo room inside the vehicle to offer you the ability to carry more cargo with you wherever you go. If you love the Highlander, you know you’re going to be able to have this SUV be the one you drive for many years.
Ford F-150 – Finally, the pickup truck that’s the most popular on the market is the one that gives us a departure from Toyota and Honda as the model that’s expected to last at least 200,000 miles of driving. This impressive truck has been the most-loved for many years and it continues to be trusted for work and play that you can enjoy for the ride.

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