When a brand looks to expand its lineup and create new models that can be right for the drive on the road, it’s not often that you get a completely new vehicle to drive. Most of the time, some part of an older model or one that’s been proven will arrive. Whether the proven aspects are the engine and powertrain components or the platform that’s been used, having something that carries over as a proven part of the vehicle often makes sense and is the formula that many brands have used for success over the years.

The XT4 Does Things Differently

As Cadillac is working to expand its lineup of SUVs to give us more of the models we want to enjoy from this luxury brand, they have to enter uncharted waters. The new XT4 is the first to do so and it rides on a brand-new platform and is powered by an engine that’s not been used in one of the other models in the past. This means we will see just how good Cadillac is at creating something new for us to enjoy without it having been on the market in the past.

Creating the New XT4

In order to create an SUV that can handle these uncharted waters and become the one that has the features and qualities desired, Cadillac had to bring more prototypes to the roads much sooner than in the past. This was a different approach for the brand that has avoided putting drivers on the roads in camouflaged vehicles in the past because they needed more data for the testing. In fact, the XT4 models hit the roads as much as six months sooner than they would have normally during the development of this vehicle.

The Strategy Will Pay Off

What was Cadillac searching for by being on the roads in prototypes sooner? It seems that the name of Cadillac, which has been around for over 100 years, is one that should be able to build a vehicle that we expect to be able to enjoy on the roads without too much trouble. The testing performed by these prototypes was to help the brand get rid of any quality issues that could be found including noise problems or vibrations that weren’t desired in the cabin. The brand team had to make sure this SUV would carry the Cadillac name with pride.

Check Out the New XT4 As it Arrives

The new Cadillac XT4 is an SUV that’s going to offer you the comforts, qualities, and driving aspects you want when it’s time to get out on the road and have a great ride. This SUV looks great, offers you a newness that gives you more of the features you’re looking for, and brings about the Cadillac pride you’re used to from this brand. Take a test drive in one and see if this is the right vehicle for you to have a luxurious and high-quality ride on the roads in your area.

Buy one today at your local Cadillac dealer!

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