Many people believe that you need a truck like the Ford F-250 for tough jobs. There is another option. Have you considered the Ford Transit van? Whether you need to have a cargo van because you carry tools and gear that needs to be protected from the elements, deliver products that you create, or have the need to put your items on shelves and storage locations around the cargo area, the Ford Transit can be the right choice. This is also a van that can be perfect for you to carry passengers when its time to shuttle them to and from the different locations around you they need to go to. This van can seat up to 15 passengers to be the right choice for you to put to work.
There are a number of trims, configurations, and features to choose from when you’re ready to make the Transit the right work van for you to have the ride you’re looking for. The engine choices you have include a turbocharged V6, a five-cylinder turbodiesel, and even a 3.7-liter V6 that’s equipped to operate on compressed natural gas. Check out the options roster offered for this work van and make it the right van for you to get the job done whether you need to carry cargo or passengers wherever you need to every day.
Some of the changes you’re going to see in the Ford Transit include a high mounted rearview camera to make it easy for you to see more of what you need to behind this work van. You’ll also have the benefit of Bluetooth connectivity, dual rear-wheel forged alloy wheel package, and leather upholstery. The cargo versions of this van now have rear cargo door exit handles and a cargo LED light switch to make it easy for your passengers to turn on the light and see what they need to when they ride with you at night.

Check Out Some of what the Ford Transit has to Offer

When you choose the Ford Transit as the work van that you’ll give your fleet drivers to get things done you need to be able to keep up with the vehicle needs on a regular basis. The Ford Telematics allows you to know when the vehicle is due for service and monitors the fuel usage to make sure you know how the Transit is performing. This can be an excellent tool to help you rotate a fleet of work vans for your teams to make use of.
Are you ready to find a great work van to help you get things done where you need to go? If so, the Ford Transit can be the right vehicle to be the tool you need. Whether you’re running a shuttle that others can enjoy on a daily basis or you need to tote around the products you create that people are ordering, you’re going to want the Ford Transit to be the vehicle that gets the job done. Visit your nearby Ford dealership and check out what this impressive work van has to offer you so that you can get your job done.


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