The BMW i8 is the Hybrid that Bucks the Trend

The BMW i8 is the Hybrid that Bucks the Trend

When we think of hybrid power on the road, the thoughts of the BMW i8 aren’t often what comes to mind. This impressive car is one of the most desirable models on the market and it’s a hybrid sports car that’s built right to make sure you can have a fantastic drive. For the 2019 model year, the i8 is a futuristic sleek roadster that has the power you’re looking for and the lightweight build that makes a lot of sense. You’re going to love how this car can sprint to sixty mph and be faster than cars that have more power under the hood.

What is the BMW i8?

This is a car that’s offered as a coupe or roadster to be the one that gives you the chance to be mean and green at the same time. The i8 isn’t available to everyone in every location as BMW has it listed as a limited run model to make it one you can drive and know you’re going to have lots of people stopping to stare are you and your amazing vehicle. This car uses 100 percent renewable energy to make it a sports car that can save the environment.

A New Addition

For the 2019 model year, the BMW i8 Roadster is added to give you the open-air feeling you want in a two-seat roadster. This gives you more style in a car that’s already oozing with the style you’re sure to admire. The lithium-ion batteries used are more powerful, giving you a boost in horsepower and an increase in the electric range before the gasoline engine will kick in. This is a car that can be a lot of fun on the road to make sure you’re always smiling while you drive.

Lightweight and Under Control

The body of the BMW i8 is made of carbon fiber, which allows it to be half the weight of what a steel body would be while being just as strong. This is important considering the batteries are certainly most of the weight of the i8 when on the scales. This lightweight sports car is fitted with a unique AWD system that allows you to have impressive cornering and amazing straight-line speed when you take this car out on the road or to the track. This system routes power to the wheels that need the most grip to give you the traction necessary for the drive.

You’re Ready to Drive

If you have the chance to drive the 2019 BMW i8, you need to take that chance and have some fun. One drive will be all it takes to convince you that the future of driving is in the i8, at least the drives you make that are meant to be fun and active. Stop by and see your nearby BMW dealership and ask them how you can have the i8 hybrid sports car as the one you’re going to want to enjoy on the road.



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