When you head out on the roads and enjoy the drive you’re looking for it makes sense to know that the car you’re driving can handle the weather and the obstacles you’re going to find on the road. As much as we would all love to have perfect driving conditions to enjoy the road all the time, that’s never the case. Thankfully, most automakers have thought of that and spend some time testing their vehicles in less than perfect conditions to make sure you can have the drive you need when you head out on the road, regardless of the conditions you’ll find.

Which car was recently seen handling this type of testing? The New 2019 Porsche Mission E is the car that’s currently being tested for cold weather testing in Scandinavia to all the team to learn more about how this car will be able to handle the drive that makes sense on the roads that this car will be driven on. This car is one that will give the EV driving we want to enjoy from the Porsche team which will make this one of the first sports cars with this powertrain from Porsche.

A new foray into the market

Porsche has been a sports car brand that we’ve admired for many years, but it hasn’t been a brand to bring us four-door models for very long or be an EV automaker. Certainly, they have produced a pair of the most admirable SUVs we’ve seen and even have the Panamera as the sedan that we currently admire, and the 918 Spyder proved the brand could handle making use of hybrid power on the market for the drive. The Mission E is something completely new and impressive for the drive and taking it to the snow means the EV aspects and the driving aspects will both be tested completely.

The new Mission E is designed to be able to compete directly with the Tesla Model S and it is expected to have a range of 330 miles from a single full charge. With this range and the expected performance aspects of what Porsche can offer the plan is to have a model that can reach sixty mph in close to 3.5 seconds while making its way to 125 mph in just a little less than twelve seconds, making this a car that will be fast and fun for the drive.

In order to meet the demands that come with a customer from Porsche, the plan is to have an 800-volt charging system offered with each model that will allow this car to be charged to eighty percent in only 15 minutes to make it a car that can be charged in just as little time as it takes you to fill up with gasoline now. We don’t have the official details for every aspect of the car just yet, but the fact that it’s being tested in less than perfect conditions is a hint this car is nearly ready for us to admire and see for the drive.

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