Thinking Ram during the Super Bowl

Thinking Ram during the Super Bowl

The Ram team brought an amazing new pickup truck the recent Detroit Auto Show which gave us a preview of what we would expect when the Super Bowl arrived. This new truck is built to be tough, capable, and one of the most impressive offered on the market and the team at Ram needed to find a way to express these qualities in a pair of commercials that aired during the biggest television event of the year. FCA found a way to make sure this truck was shown off the right way during two spots that were extremely different from each other.

Icelandic Vikings Travel

Even though the ad spot during the Super Bowl was only sixty-seconds long, you can see the full version of the ad featuring a horde of Vikings that try to travel from Iceland to Minneapolis for the big game. The truck chosen for the job is the new Ram 1500 which is built tough enough to carry all the Vikings and pull their ship while the group is motivated by a fast rendition of “WeWill Rock You” along their route toward their goal.

Several amusing scenes take place from the towing of the truck on a raft behind the Viking ship to the reading on the infotainment screen that informs the horde the big game doesn’t have the Vikings playing in the game. Once they’re faced with this information, they turn their Ram 1500 around and head back to Iceland to continue their lives until the team they cheer for is in the big game once again. This is an incredible ad that shows off the unexpected power and performance that the Ram 1500 can offer when you make use of it for work that has to get done.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech

The speech by Dr. King that took place exactly fifty years prior to the Super Bowl is a fitting way to have a commercial about work, toughness, perseverance, and humility. As the words ring true that are part of the sermon that the greatest among you will be your servant, you can see the Ram 1500 pickup truck being used for a variety of hauling needs as it delivers people and items to wherever it needs to go when it’s time to get things done and help support those in need.

The message of unity and togetherness is a simple one that makes us think and inspires the feeling of brotherhood in all of us as we watch this commercial. Even though this is a commercial for the new pickup truck offered by Ram you can experience feelings of joy and belief when you hear the words spoken so long ago by Dr. King as he worked tirelessly to bring groups of different backgrounds together. His message continues to ring true and ring with an echo that we can admire and appreciate even today as we learn more about how to treat and take care of each other.

Check out the two Ram Super Bowl ads below and be amused and inspired by the message brought forth during this big game that are meant to let us know the Ram 1500 is a new and improved truck for what we need to get done.

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