There’s more to enjoy when you get into the three-row Buick Enclave. For the 2019 model year, this SUV has been improved to give you more of the features you want while continuing to play in a unique market.
When you want a vehicle that can feel as comfortable and sophisticated as a luxury model, but you want to pay a lower price, the Enclave is the right choice. Get behind the wheel and let the impressive list of features make this the SUV that’s right for you to have the drive you want to enjoy.

Changing the Game

Buick has done an excellent job of changing the rules to the game of higher class driving. The Enclave is an excellent example of this as an SUV that’s perfect for your family or for you to take several of your friends with you on the road. This SUV brings you a serious sense of sophisticated style and quality for you to have a great drive. Check out the open cabin that’s large and inviting and the amazing features that can be offered for you to have the drive you want every day.

Making a Few Small Changes

For the 2019 model year, the Buick Enclave offers you a new name for the entry-level model which is Preferred. This trim is one that allows you to have the feeling you’re looking for when you drive. There’s also a new automatic heated steering wheel which is added to the Premier and Avenir trims for the drive. The Avenir trim is the top level with luxury features that now adds a new ebony color for you to choose for the drive and the experience you want to enjoy when you head out on the road.

Excellence in the Buick Enclave

There’s plenty of interior space in this SUV for you to enjoy. You’ll find 23.6 cubic feet of space behind the third row of seats and with all the seats folded down, you can carry a lot of cargo with you when you take this SUV out on the road. The Buick Quiet Turning is also present to make sure you have the silence you want in the cabin when you let this SUV be the right one for you to enjoy for the drive. Get in this cabin and take a look and a listen to know why this is such a popular SUV and brand; even internationally.

When Premium Fits

You’ll be ready to have the right vehicle for your family to ride along with you when you choose the premium qualities of the 2019 Buick Enclave. This SUV shows up with the size, the power, the quality, and the comfort that you desire. Visit your nearby Buick dealership and let them show you how this SUV can become the right model for you to enjoy every day. This is an SUV that has everything you desire and makes it easy for you to smile when you get behind the wheel.

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