More Than New Cars

More Than New Cars

Not only do we get to see and enjoy the new cars that are coming to the market when an auto show takes place, but at many of these shows we also get to see some of the classic models that automakers choose to bring to show off.

The North American International Auto Show which took place in Detroitis no exception. There are automakers that chose to bring along some of the most significant classic models that were built in their history to give us a look at what we’ve enjoyed over the years.

Here are a few of those that showed up in Detroit:

1963 Lingenfelter Corvette Grand Sport –While this model isn’t a vintage model in the classic sense of the word, this is a car that showed up and showed off in Detroit. Lingenfelter created this model and based it onthe classic look of the Corvette that we’ve all admired for years. This car offers 720 horsepower from the supercharged LT4 V8 engine. This car pays homage to the original Corvette Grand Sport from 1963 which was built to win FIA endurance races. At that time, only five of these models were ever built.

1982 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen –With a collection G-Wagen models for us to take a look at, this model from the early part of this decade gave us a look at a vehicle that was built to get work done and be a billboard on the road. This was a rally version of the classic comfort rider and it was made for the 1982 Paris-Dakar Rally. This big brute makes use of a 2.8-liter six-cylinder engine that’s tuned up to 230 horsepower. This is the vehicle that won the race in 1983 and came in second in 1982 during its initial run.

1955 Chrysler C-300 –If you wonder where the current Chrysler 300 received its name, this is the car that carried the name in order to give us what we want for the ride. This car showed up with 300 horsepower right off the line and it was designed by Virgil Exner to be one of the most attractive cars of its time. This is a car that would have had the 331-cubic inch Hemi engine under the hood when it was originally built, but a sports racing chassis has been installed and a RT Hemi engine has been placed in the bay for this gorgeous classic ride.

1962 International Harvester Travelette –At one time, we trusted this name above all others for the trucks that were perfect for any work that neededto be done on the farm or out in the wilderness. This model is a crew cab that was built to bring six people to the work area to get things done. There is even a camper setup in the bed in case the work couldn’t be completed before dark and you were toofar from home to get back to the house safely in the dark.

1968 Ford Mustang “Bullitt” –Shown alongside the new Bullitt Mustang, this model is a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback that Steve McQueen drove in the original film. This car had been lost for nearly fifty years but it was recently found and made its way to the show to give us a look at one of the most famous Ford cars from the movie industry. This car has a unique history of ownership and was used as a daily driver by the person who purchased it from the film studio. This car was brought to the show by the family that owns it now to be shown off alongside the new Mustang Bullitt that celebrates the 50thanniversary of this movie and this car that was lost for a long time.

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