Improving the Ultimate Driving Machine - BMW 3 Series

Improving the Ultimate Driving Machine – BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series has been donned as the Ultimate Driving Machine for many years and this car is one that we’ve admired and enjoyed on the roads we drive. The car is ready to be upgraded to the next generation and will have some amazing upgrades that we can enjoy for the ride. You can expect this new version of the car that we love to carry some of the qualities that have been widely used lately, but also give you its own spin on what can be offered for the drive you enjoy on the road.

More Power Under the Hood of the 3 Series

This next generation of the BMW 3 Series will be called the G20 generation. It’s going to be powered by the most powerful four-cylinder engine used in any production BMW series ever. So far, the most powerful version of the engine this size is the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 255 horsepower in the B48 model. This means the new 3 series model should have a least 260 horsepower that can be used and it will be at least five percent more efficient than the previous engine that’s been used.

Other Upgrades to This Car

The new G20 model will also have other upgrades in order to give you what you want. This car will sit ten millimeters lower than the outgoing model, offer a stiffer chassis, and weigh less by around 121 pounds in some models. This new version of the car will have a wider track, give you better cornering stability, new dampers that give you the balance you need between sportiness and ride comfort, and offer you a perfect 50:50 weight distribution as well. This could be the right car for you to have the driving fun you’re looking for.

Performance Models also Receive Upgrades

The M version of the BMW 3 Series will now offer a lower suspension, add 18-inch alloy wheels, and a set of amazing performance tires. This new performance version of the vehicle will give you more rigid bearing and stabilizers, harder springs, and additional body struts to give you a more engaged drive with the sporty qualities you’re looking for. There will also be a Variable Sports Steering rack in the M models to adjust the steering based on the speed of the vehicle. You’ll also have an electronically controlled locking M sports differential that makes this car even more impressive.

Ready for the Show

The new BMW 3 Series will be shown off at the 2018 Paris Motor Show later this fall. Currently, this car is being used for pre-production testing on the Nurburgring track and it will be ready to show off so that we know what we’ve got when the show in France arrives. With the exciting qualities and improved driving of the new G20 3 Series, this car will continue to be considered the Ultimate Driving Machine and with the M3, it certainly has the ability to prove that its worthy of the name.

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