Sometimes we forget that a luxury car brand such as Audi actually has some roots in racing and has been a name to be reckoned with in the past. The team at Audi had decided they need to remind those of us that talk about the automotive world of the fact this brand has the ability and the history to offer a car that will offer you the drive you’re looking for. In order to present us with that reminder, this brand chose the Audi TT to build on and create a car that harkens back to the roots that we’ve admired for years.

The new TT model that will make its debut at the SEMA Show will be the new Clubsport Turbo Concept that is able to offer us more power, more performance, and the racing qualities we’ve admired in the past in order to give us an awesome drive. This is a car that may steal the show and have the crowds gathering at the booth to see what Audi is planning to offer in some form as it comes to the driving of the future on the tracks that we love to enjoy.

The Power Within

While you can just add more power to the engine and expect the car to handle it, the team at Audi has done more than just give us power for this car. There is a widebody kit that makes the car 5.5-inches wider which allows the car to wear a loot that’s been inspired by the Audi 90 IMSA GTO which brought us the Quattro AWD to the IMSA in the late 1980s. This wider body build is certainly capable of handling the power upgrade needed to make this a car that’s even more impressive than ever.

This new Clubsport Turbo Concept is one that makes use of the new five-cylinder engine but adds an electrically assisted turbo to give this car even more juice than before. The power if upgraded to 600 horsepower to make it possible for this car to reach top speeds of 192 mph. This incredible power and speed is kept on the ground by using some aero parts that include a carbon fiber reinforced polymer adjustable rear wing to give you the downforce you’re looking for. This will make sure the car can stick to the track and give you the performance you want to see.

The Clubsport isn’t all we’ll see from Audi which will also give us a look at the R8 LMS GT3 race car. This is a new addition to the racing line of R8 models that started in 2015 and shared half its parts with the road ready R8 model. The R8 LMS has already taken top prizes at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring and the new California 8 Hour race. There’s no doubt the buzz will be at the Audi booth as these two cars are shown off; now if we can only get them on the track to see what they can do.

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