When Toyota chose to dissolve the Scion brand in favor of having all offerings under one brand name, most of the models that were offered previously were added to the Toyota lineup. One of the cars that we’ve seen as a successful model that has transitioned to the Toyota lineup is the Corolla iM. This is the hatchback model of the Corolla that offers the style and the versatility we love to see in a small car that fits a number of budgets to be a car that can be the right choice for you to enjoy on the road.

Even though the Corolla iM has only been on the market for three years beginning with Scion, this car is due for an update as it’s the version offered in the US that’s related to the Auris that’s offered around the rest of the world which has been around since 2012. With the fact the sedan model of the Corolla isn’t due for an update until 2020, we see some impressive changes being added to the Corolla iM to make it a model that will give us a bit more of what we want when it arrives for the 2019 model year.

Prototype Spied with Improvements

Although the new Corolla iM that has been seen was wearing a large amount of camouflage, this is a car that showed off some of what we expect to see when it’s time for this updated car to make its way to dealerships around the country. This new version of the Toyota Corolla showed up with an improved front end that showed off a style that may be part of the future for Toyota as we move toward what this brand will offer to compete with others over the next few years.
In addition to a new front end, the Corolla iM gave us a look at new taillights, a softer and rounded shape, and a look inside. The interior of this car has been completely redesigned to give us a more refined look and move farther away from the youthful exuberance the Scion brand brought to the market. This new appearance is modern and shows what the sedan version of the Corolla could be in the future as well. You’ll admire the new center stack, steering wheel, updated infotainment display, and gear lever to give you the tech you’re looking for and the style you want.
We’re not sure exactly what will be used under the hood when this car shows up on the market but you can expect the newest four-cylinder engine to be used to start things off. There’s no doubt we will also see a hybrid model of the Corolla iM that can be the right choice for you to drive when you want more efficiency in the small hatchback that you trust for your drive on a daily basis. We’ll know more as we get closer to the updated model of the Corolla iM to debut and be the one we want to enjoy for the ride.

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