Cars that attract a progressive crowd.

Cars That Attract a Progressive Crowd

Many of the younger and more aware people in the world choose to find alternative ways to get where they need to go. These folks tend to dislike cars unless they have to have them, and when the efficiency of a Prius isn’t going to get the job done, these folks tend to like older models they can show off as classic choices. This is the same crowd that will tell you that vinyl sounds better than a digital version of song when you want to listen to music, and here are some of the cars these folks have chosen to drive.

One Progressive Lineup

BMW E30 – This has become a car that so many people love and want to drive that it has become a higher priced car than it should be. Yes, this is the car that brought in the thought that the BMW is the “Ultimate Driving Machine” but it has grown in popularity and price in nearly a cultish fashion because discerning people want to drive it.

Ford Bronco – Many people love to have an older Bronco for the drive because they are built tough and strong while offering you the boxy look and feel that will make it a great choice. This is an SUV you can find and enjoy when you want something predictable for the drive and know that you want quality for a fair price.

Jeep Cherokee- The early models of the Jeep Cherokee were large and impressive SUV/wagon models that have been admired for the drive and the style. With a lower load floor and the ground clearance for many of the trails you’ll want to drive on, this is a vehicle that can give you what will make your drive right while providing the classic look and feel you desire.

Land Rover Defender – This excellent SUV is one that has always been big and boxy for the drive that makes a lot of sense wherever you need to go. This big brute has been built like a tank and feels great, especially if you find some of the early models of this big brute. Take a look at the Defender if you belong to that discerning crowd that wants an excellent drive.

Mercedes-Benz 190 – Here is a classic looking sedan that has been known to wear a large wing on the back of the car to give it a sportier appearance. For those that don’t like the modern models from this brand, the 190 is a model that can be right for you to have the drive you’re looking for and show off with a classic vehicle that’s perfect for you.

Air-Cooled Porsche 911 – The prices of these cars has gone up astronomically over the past few years, which makes it the perfect choice for a crowd that wants something new and special for the drive. This is a car that is somewhat in the same class as the BMW E30 with the price increases we’ve seen over the years.

Saab 900 – Here is a car that was as much the antithesis of culture as a car could be and certainly is a choice made by those people who want to drive something different from the normal models we see on the market today. This car is perfect for the drive you may want to make and is one that will let you show off and show up with the drive you desire.

Toyota FJ Cruiser – Are you looking for a vehicle that’s no longer built and offers you the off-road qualities you want? If so, this is one of the most incredible choices you can make and it’s an SUV that certainly has its own personality that will make a huge impression on your friends and family when you arrive in this excellent vehicle.

Volvo 240 – this is the quintessential car for this crowd as it is the wagon that we’ve seen and recognized in a variety of forms to make it the one that can be loved and driven by those that want to make a choice that’s no longer built. Check out this car and let it be the one that shows off and gives you everything you need.

Volkswagen Microbus – This is easily the vehicle that shows you the look and the style you expect and admire when you’re a customer looking for something different from the mainstream models. Let this vehicle be your daily driving choice and it will give you what you want for the ride in a model that everyone will recognize and admire.


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