The Combination You Need; Chrysler Pacifica Compared to Honda Odyssey

The Combination You Need; Chrysler Pacifica Compared to Honda Odyssey

What does a minivan bring you for the drive? A minivan is the family vehicle that can give you what you’re looking for when you have a vehicle that can be right for the drive with your family, but you need to figure out which one of these models is the one that will give you what you need. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at the Chrysler Pacifica and the Honda Odyssey together to determine which one of these two minivans would be the right choice for you to enjoy on the road.

The Chrysler Pacifica is the newest model to enter the minivan market and it brings us more technology and more of the qualities we want as the replacement for the Town & Country. The Honda Odyssey shows up with a redesigned look and feel along with a new infotainment system to add to the refined and practical interior. Both of these minivans certainly capture our attention and let have an amazing ride on the roads. If you want a hybrid model, the Pacifica is the only choice on the market, but beyond this choice, these are two closely rated models.

The Items that Make Sense

If you’re looking for the cargo room you need and the practicality to have the drive that makes sense, these two are certainly capable of giving you the drive you need. The Chrysler Pacifica is a bit longer than the Odyssey and the interior cargo space behind the third row of seats is 32 cubic feet while the area with the third row folded down grows to 85 cubic feet and up to a total of 140 cubic feet when all seats are folded up when you need a cavernous area to have the drive you want when you need to carry what you want with you.
Looking to the Odyssey, you can have some excellent room for what you need to take with you and have the comfort you want. There is room for adults in all three rows of this minivan and it gives you more headroom for the drive you want to make on the road. The second row of seats doesn’t flip and fold into the floor in the Honda Odyssey, it only folds up and can slide from side to side with the middle section removed for you to have the drive you want.
Both of these minivans bring you the benefit of excellent infotainment systems for the connectivity you want. The sharp graphics of both allow you to experience what you need and you will have the benefits of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for the drive as part of the standard offering. Both models also offer you the benefit of 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity to allow you to connect to the internet and search and play the way you want. Your passengers will be happier on the road with one of these two minivans when it’s time to go.

The Drive

One of the most important aspects of driving one of these two minivans is the actual driving experience. Both of them offer powerful and responsive powertrains but the Chrysler Pacifica tends to feel a bit sharper and more responsive. The Chrysler Pacifica is also the only one of the minivans on the market that allows you to choose a hybrid model for your driving needs. Both of these models use a 3.5-liter V6 engine and offer reasonable fuel mileage on the road when you choose the typical models and experience the drive with your family.

Which One Should You Drive?

When you look at the Honda Odyssey you’ll find a minivan that’s efficient, powerful, quiet, refined, spacious, comfortable, and brings in the practical touches that include an amazing new infotainment system for the drive on the road. The Chrysler Pacifica brings in a peppy powertrain, excellent driving manners, a luxurious interior, rear seat dual screens, the seating configuration you want, and the cargo combination that can give you what you’re looking for. Either one of these two can be the right choice for you to have the drive you want on the road, take them both for a test drive and figure out which minivan will become the one that’s right for you.

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