When you’re ready to shop for the vehicle that you want to drive, you want to have the list narrowed down and a couple of models compared for you so that you can make the right choice for your driving pleasure out on the road. With the compact crossover SUV market becoming so heavily littered with choices you can make for the drive on the roads in your area. Two of the models that are offered to give you the driving experience you’re looking for to choose from are the Honda CR-V and Ford Escape.


If we consider these two models are similarly powered, we can move on and take a look at the style offered for them to see if they are the ones that will give us the driving fun we’re looking for out on the road. The CR-V has a handsome profile, offers a grill that is busy and captures your attention, and some taillights that will be difficult to ignore. This means you have an SUV that looks great and attracts many when you choose this one for the drive out on the roads in your area that you have to experience daily.
Moving to the Ford Escape, you’ll find a look you’ve come to know with a handsome dual bar grill that is flanked by elegant headlights with LED accents for the drive. this model shows up with a clean, simple flow to the body, looks sporty up on its wheels, and allows us to have the tidy dimensions that are poised and ready to give you an amazing drive. With the Escape you feel like you’re sitting up a little taller than in the CR-V to make sure you’ll have an excellent ride out on the roads in your area.

Where the Comfort Matters

The CR-V has a wheelbase that’s an inch shorter than the one for the Escape but the overall length of the CR-V is a couple inches more than the Escape for overall size. This means there is a generous trunk space in the back of the CR-V to give you 40 cubic feet of storage that can extend to 75 cubic feet if the rear seats are folded down. This is done by using a set of levers that are located at the side of the cargo bay to make this an easy part of the functionality of this SUV.
Moving to the Ford Escape you’ll see a full 34 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats which extends to 68 cubic feet with the seats folded down to have the space you need. The magic tailgate is one you can operate with your foot for this vehicle so that you have the ease of loading it without dropping any of the items in your hands. With either of these models, you’re going to find an impressive amount of tech features and items that make the drive better for you when you head out on the road and need a comfortable ride.

Similar but Different

It may be hard to choose between the Honda CR-V and the Ford Escape because they do have a large number of similarities. The Ford Escape excels at Styling, power, and has the Sync3 infotainment system you’re sure to love. The Honda CR-V gives you more cargo space, efficiency, driving comfort, driving aids, and is a bit more affordable. Choose the right model for your driving needs and let the compact crossover SUV market be where you find the family vehicle that can give you the items you’re looking for and will make use of every day.

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