The development of autonomous driving technology has become one of the different answers to the question of when this technology will make its way to the market. While a completely autonomous vehicle that’s equipped with all the answers to every challenge on the road still seems like it could be years in the future, one company is ready to take to the highways in their vehicle that’s equipped with the autonomous driving technology to put it to the test that we would love to ride along for. This long drive will take the car across the country.
In an effort to answer what we want with autonomous driving technology, Cadillac will send a CT6 model across the country to allow the car to show off with the ability to handle all the highways that it will ride along. This excellent car is one that will be equipped with the newest technology and the information that will allow the car to safely navigate all of the different freeways around the country as this impressive car takes it to ride across the country. With this information, the Cadillac CT6 will head out and show its ability to drive without human input.

What makes this drive possible?

While there is certainly a need to eventually offer the ability to have a car that can start out in the morning in your driveway and deliver you back to the driveway without any inputs from you other than the destinations you want to stop at along the way, we currently don’t have a vehicle that can do this. Cadillac has developed their Super Cruise technology to be the way you’ll want to head out and have a drive on the freeways. This system allows you to engage it and let it do the driving while you’re on these marked roads.
Right now the Cadillac CTS that’s equipped with Super Cruise can use the precision of the LiDAR map data and the driver attention system that has been programmed with 130,000 miles of limited access mapping for the freeways across the country. The team has completed several tests around the country to make sure this system would work right on the roads that you want to travel, especially if you wanted to head out on the road trip that can be the one you’ll love when you want to drive from sea to shining sea.
The plan is for Cadillac to send this car across sixteen states which will allow it to start at the Cadillac House in New York City and handle the ride to Los Angeles, CA. This amazing drive will be perfect for you that will give you the quality and performance you want. The only time this car should have to be off the freeway is when it needs more gas, which will be when the team from Cadillac will have to take over some of the driving to make sure the car makes it safely to the station for the fill up.

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